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Im new to useing vocaloid and I wanted to use some of the usts in vocaloid, but when I export them to vsqs from utau and use in v4 editor all of the lyrics are question marks. Is there any way to fix this?


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Is your UST in hiragana? That could be a good explanation for the question marks. There is a plugin you can add to UTAU that converts hiragana to romaji (or vice versa), I don't know if I can post the link as a new user but it's very easy to find! :smile: Hope it helps.

Otherwise, you might have to insert the lyrics manually... A bit tedious, I know, but if you put your lyrics in a text file first so you can divide the syllables (assuming it's japanese) and copy paste the result then when you add it to your Vocaloid project it should be a breeze. Good luck!

EDIT: Just realized this was a thread from months ago, I'm sorry!
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In a converted vsqx, if all the notes say "ah" or "あ", then press Ctrl + A, "Job", and then "Convert Phonemes to Match Language". This solves the problem for me.
I tried, but there's no option for that...Is it because I'm using Vocaloid2?


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I tried, but there's no option for that...Is it because I'm using Vocaloid2?
(wait aaaaaa sorry! I realized vsqx is the one for V4 and vp4 is the one for V5, despite the fact that I literally use Vocaloid daily. Sorry about that!)

That would be the case, yes. UtaFormatix is a very helpful tool, but unfortunately it still comes with a few minor problems ("ah" lyrics, messing with the tuning when converting from UST). You may have to just retype the lyrics yourself.

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