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Hitsuboku Kumi (筆墨クミ) is a UTAU virtual singer developed by Cubialpha. Here I port Hitsuboku Kumi Chinese CVVC voicebank to deepvocal.
Download site:
The wav files and voice.dvcfg are also provided in this website, so you can modify and compile this voicebank under Hitsuboku Kumi’s terms of use.
If you use winget, you can also download this voicebank with the folling command:
winget install oxygendioxide.Deepvocal-Hitsuboku-Kumi-CHN

Tech Specs​

  • 4 pitches (A3, D4, A4, D5)
  • using Voicemith Reclist
  • provide dvtb1.1.6 and dvtb2.1.0 builds
  • tail symbol: R
  • vowel pause from Hitsuboku Kumi Japanese Act4: "!a" "a_!" etc
  • standalone consonants (only available in the dvtb1 build): p, f, t, k, q, x, c, s, ch, sh, r


花欺~沉睡在浮空的花海 (Original Music: Cube^3, Lyric: 雨狸, midi: 卦者那啥子靈風)

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Hitsuboku Kumi Official Site
Hitsuboku Kumi terms of use
Hitsuboku Kumi's official illustration (Author: itporl, source: Hitsuboku Kumi official site)

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