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    I'm working on my first DeepVocal voicebank, which uses a custom English reclist. Everything is going sort of okay aside from general confusion from new program, but the one big thing vexing me is that I cannot figure out how I'm meant to do ending sounds (Be they consonants or vowels) and CC transitions/connections. My reclist uses a lot of these because English.

    I've heard that CC is possible, but when I try setting one up, I get the "Unvoiced part exists in vowel" error, likely because there is no vowel and it expects there to be?

    And no matter how I try setting up end consonants/vowels/breaths, they won't make a sound.

    So how do I make those work? The tutorial that comes with the Toolbox kinda doesn't help.
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    Currently, DeepVocal doesn’t support CC samples.

    However, you can have UNVOICED consonants (k, t, p, ts, ch, s, sh, h, hy and f) as an indie sound. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t work currently with other consonants such as b or n).

    Indie sound means that DeepVocal engine won’t stretch or pitch the sample, it’s good for breathe samples and the consonants that I listed above. When you build the VB, you have an option to select if the configuration is [CV], [V X] or [indie], select indie.

    Indie sounds can act as both ending consonant or even the first part of CC depending how you record/configure them.

    So you can do for example [-s][ka] notes to recreate “ska” sound.

    For future, it might be more helpful to ask DeepVocal related questions on the official forum which is

    I think you can get answers faster there than on this UTAU focused server.
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    DeepVocal Wikia has its own Discord server too.

    If you prefer Discord over forums, this place is also a great place to share own creations and ask help.

    The link to the server can be found on this site:
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