1. Seadust

    Looking for Dictionaries and Reclists !

    Hello! I have been searching for reclists and dictionaries for DEEPVOCAL . Specifically for the languages , Chinese , Thai , Korean, and possibly Tagalog (Filipino) !! Any help for this would be amazing tysm in advance !!
  2. Hentai

    DeepVocal & SynthV | Friends of UTAU

    In accordance with our initial outline of loving all singing synthesizers and wanting to encourage discussion in emerging synths once software has enough posts in Multiple / Other Synths to show there is interest in it, we will create new subforms specifically dedicated to that software. I...
  3. mateidobrescu

    Cover [DeepVocal] Solo [English]

    I discovered DeepVocal and I said I might give it a shot. I made an English reclist for DV and after noticing how huge it is I had to see if it is functional. 2 weeks later I got this: He has just one pitch recoded. In this demo he has over 7000 samples and it is 1,8 GB size wise. I have...
  4. Uncommon-Aura

    DeepVocal - Tail Symbols and CC Transitions

    I'm working on my first DeepVocal voicebank, which uses a custom English reclist. Everything is going sort of okay aside from general confusion from new program, but the one big thing vexing me is that I cannot figure out how I'm meant to do ending sounds (Be they consonants or vowels) and CC...
  5. Uncommon-Aura

    DeepVocal - Is Arpasing Possible?

    I've been looking into using DeepVocal lately, either to make a new character entirely, or to port my current voicebanks. The official voicebank making tutorial says that all DeepVocal voicebanks must be CVVX, which is basically CVVC. And I've heard Arpasing be referred to as a type of CVVC...
  6. Mei-Saime

    Cover 【星屑ゆずこ】买买买 ~中文語【DeepVocalCOVER】+ DV

    Mitchie M's newest song that was premiered at the BiliBili New Year Livestream and I decided to cover it! :> This cover uses the official Chinese lyrics that can be seen in the official video and even official karaoke from him and BiliBili. Also, this comes with the DV file for covers as well...
  7. Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal

    Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal

    Katsumi is a 20 year girl with a soprano. Despite the age she is much higher than most adult Utaus. She isn't as friendly as her younger counter part but isn't an unpleasant person. Although she can find loud and energetic people like her younger counter part to be annoying ironically enough.
  8. OfficialR Productions

    Multi-Synth [UTAU, Vocaloid, SINSY, Emvoice, DeepVocal, Synth V] Stars On 45 - Beatles Medley [VOCAL SYNTH COVER

    yeah this was a whole ass bop
  9. ryanlanuza18

    Multi-Synth [DeepVocal] Spirits of the Sea [Ryan Moriyama Solace]

    hello guys! its been a while since I've posted something here so idk if this is the right place to post this but I've made a cover with my DV voicebank. I've imported my previous UTAU vb to DV and so far I'm liking the results. for me it sound more natural sounding and pretty nicer to hear. i...