English voicebanks not working??


Teto's Territory
So, basically this is my problem.

Defoko, Teto JP, and Teto ENG all work as far as I can tell. I had AL!CE working, but then she stopped for some reason. I've looked around for about an hour or two. maybe more, and can't seem to find a fix to the problem.

Before anyone asks, I always put the files in the voice folder in UTAU's files.

Also I don't understand phonemes very well, if anyone could help explain how to write in phonemes that would help as well. But the main problem is that I can't get any regular english VBs to work. I downloaded an UST for Circles by Kira, and I want to cover it, buuuut Teto's phonemes are different than usual, so I can't unless I can get a regular ENG VB to work...

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