Finding music for ENUNU banks?

What it says on the tin! I'd wanna make a bank people could potentially use commercially, which would mean I couldn't just sit there screaming Pinnochio-P and Kikuo to my heart's content. Where would you find royalty free stuff to sing? Same goes for English, as I'd probably wanna do an English one too.


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English you can do stuff like jazz standards and other old royalty free music, nursery rhymes are good for any language. Searching for free "royalty free" music with vocals can get you some stuff too. For jp I search on dova syndrome which has a lot of free stuff but it helps if you're at least familiar with Japanese, because you may have to transcribe lyrics from PVs or by ear, they aren't always provided.

Just browsing via those same creators personal channels on YT also can get you quite a lot of stuff. A lot of tiny vocaloid producers do allow free use of their work, so you can also consider asking for permission if they otherwise have a relaxed terms of use. Sometimes the ToU is such that you dont even need to ask (be clear it's for an AI vocal like NEUTRINO/CeVIO/SynthV/etc and not training an AI on their music).

To save you some headache, check out: (this should take you to the tag for songs with vocals, bc it's kinda difficult to figure out)歌もの (imho this person is one of the most vocaloid-like so it might be a bit easier to learn their works)

Be sure to triple check the rules for using these, but have fun!
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