1. MoneyBee

    My ENUNU doesn't work

    is it because I have an old update? How do I fix it? I have A.I.CHI 1.1.1 and ENUNU 0.6.0
  2. Kawaiine Is Queen

    NNSVS flags?

    The tutorial I'm using doesn't have the step of turning the lab files into usts, is there still a way to add flags during labeling?
  3. TBA_NA

    Can someone explain how to install ENUNU to OpenUTAU specifically for Ritsu's voicebanks?

    I've already closely tried to follow the existing guides and tutorials, and I've also taken into consideration the different Server versions what would be needed for different voicebanks. I keep getting errors though, so I may be missing something. So I kind of want someone to explain it as...
  4. ToastSchinkennn

    Enunu server bat "more than 1Dll loaded"

    When starting the enunu server bat, I got this message within the CMD, should I be worried and get rid of this error and how? Is it because i left the folders like this? (Saw it in the Aichi tutorial) I did replace the copy's files with the newer version's tho
  5. ToastSchinkennn

    Is Enunu compatible with every VB?

    Hi I've recently installed Enunu after this tutorial: and the Aichi one, but whenever I select Enunu as Phonemizer in Openutau and have converted the Ust to the Utaus Type (so it can sing) , there are lots of little errors, where I should be able to change how long syllables are or can shift...
  6. Baphobloody Goat Dream

    Finding music for ENUNU banks?

    What it says on the tin! I'd wanna make a bank people could potentially use commercially, which would mean I couldn't just sit there screaming Pinnochio-P and Kikuo to my heart's content. Where would you find royalty free stuff to sing? Same goes for English, as I'd probably wanna do an English...
  7. Kawaiine Is Queen

    What's the difference between [sil] and [pau] in NNSVS labelling?

    I don't know which to use to label silence between lyrics, what's the difference?
  8. E

    Can't Get ENUNU To Work?

    I'm finally trying to make an ENUNU VB, and have built the first test version to see if it works. But I can't seem to get OpenUTAU to play nice with ENUNU. I've followed all the install instructions for the 0.4.0 release specifically for OpenUTAU, and also tried using the 0.3.1 version via the...
  9. ammamanagucci

    Cover Critique Requested across the universe (the beatles) / A.I.CHI / ENUNU-NNSVS-openUTAU

    not?? entirely sure this is the right thread, i was gonna put it in the utau thread bc yknow. i used openutau and enunu but idk anyways