Help on using TIPS resampler?


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this question might have been asked before, but i couldn't find anything on it-- TIPS just makes no noise for me, regardless of what voicebank or UST i'm using. i'm actually not sure how to go into detail on this since it's pretty simple LOL but any help would be appreciated since i really wanna see how it sounds on my UTAU


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Did you change the settings correctly? Make sure you've set TIPS.exe as the resampler, not the wavtool. You can share a screenshot if you want to double check.


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Make sure you have properly prepared your vocal samples before using the TIPS resampler. With consistent volume levels and minimal background noise, they should be recorded cleanly and accurately.

Setup TIPS resampler: Download and install the TIPS resampler plugin for UTAU. Integrate it into your vocal synthesis workflow by following the instructions provided.

Pitch and length manipulation: The TIPS resampler offers two primary functions: pitch manipulation and length manipulation. In pitch manipulation, the pitch of the vocal sample can be adjusted without affecting its speed, while in length manipulation, the duration of the vocal sample can be altered without affecting its pitch.

TIPS resampler allows you to adjust the pitch of a vocal sample by entering the desired value into the corresponding field. A positive value increases the pitch, while a negative value decreases it. To achieve the desired vocal expression, experiment with different settings.

You can manipulate a vocal sample's length by using the length manipulation feature. The sample can be stretched or compressed while maintaining its original pitch. To achieve the desired effect, enter the desired length modification value into the appropriate field.

Parameters can be fine-tuned: The TIPS resampler offers additional parameters for fine-tuning the results. Among them are formant shifting, consonant velocity, and voice dynamics. You can customize the vocal output according to your preferences by using these options.

After applying TIPS resampler to your vocal samples, listen to the results and make any adjustments necessary. Consider the overall sound quality, pitch accuracy, and timing. To achieve the desired vocal performance, make iterative changes.

Once you are satisfied with the resampled vocals, save and export the final product in the audio format you need.

Although the TIPS resampler is a versatile tool, it may require some experimentation and practice to achieve optimal results. Don't be afraid to make adjustments until you achieve the desired vocal expression. Resampling is fun!


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