IA English -Demos Revealed-


Dareka tasukete!
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New teaser movie and release details for IA english, now called IA ENGLISH C -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-.

Release date: 6/29/2018 for start of download sales. No physical sales have been announced yet.
Starter set: ¥ 11,800 + Tax (aprox. 108 USD)
Standalone voice: ¥ 7,500 + Tax (aprox. 69 USD)

There are two voice types included, Natural and Powerful. There is a new feature included called "voice quality fader" (google translation). This feature seems to be similar to XSY in Vocaloid, but there isn't much information on it right now.
This voicebank will only work with CeVIO Creative Studio 6.

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