Is Enunu compatible with every VB?


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Hi I've recently installed Enunu after this tutorial: and the Aichi one, but whenever I select Enunu as Phonemizer in Openutau and have converted the Ust to the Utaus Type (so it can sing) , there are lots of little errors, where I should be able to change how long syllables are or can shift them (probably), and besides being able to choose Enunu as phonemizer, I cannot use it as renderer. For reference what I mean:


So my question is whether I have to convert the Utau voicebank into a one compatible with Enunu and how if so or if Enunu works for every VB and I just need to find the right version?

I also tried putting Enunu in the same folders as them and ran the Enunuserver bat before opening Openutau (left it open too), do I need to open the server bat of the right version then? And I made sure to remove the Vibrato and Pitches of the UST as well.

If you need more reference I can make screenshots of my folders and how I set things up thank you for listening #'w'#

Unrelated but, I'm rather new, and I already get lots of error messages when trying to use moresampler, so using Utau actually only worked once out of 60000x in my life for Ruko and Teto's plane theory cover, although it didn't turn out as I imagined it to be in the end...


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The ENUNU renderer is intended for NNSVS voicebanks, not UTAU voicebanks. These are developed through an entirely different process of recording songs, labelling phonemes, and training an AI model.

If you want to use ENUNU, switch to a compatible voicebank. If you want to use a specific UTAU voicebank, switch to the WORLDLINE-R or CLASSIC renderers. The classic renderer has additional settings for selecting resampler and wavtool, just like classic UTAU.
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