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Markko submitted a new resource:

Nao Reclist - A reclist for Nao, a constructed language.

This body will explain the pronunciation and give you the parts of the reclist.
a = the Japanese あ sound [a]
b = the b in "bat"
c = the sh in "shine" [ʃ]
d = the d in "death" [d]
e = the e in "bed" [ɛ]
f = the f in "fun" [f]
g = always the g in "give" [g]
h = always the h in "hair" [h]
i = the Japanese い
j = the j in "jump" [ʤ]
k = a Japanese k [k]
l = the l in "light" [l]
m = the m in "mother" [m]
n = the n in "no" [n]
o = the o in Recieved Pronunciation...

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