Closed MMD OTO OTO Service per MMD Service - Re-Open (Arpasing is now accepted)


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Note: I'll leave it open until Sunday, in case I do not find anyone I'll have to try to find some time to finalize these models.

Okay, what do I need? 2 of my models (one male and one female) need some settings.

Adjustments in the male model: This model was exported from 3d max's but in the process of conversion to pmx a part of the clothes went bad (of course, nothing very serious).

Correction of a bone that is not working very well (I will send a link showing the problem) and a small adjustment in his clothes (I will send a link showing the problem).

Adjustments in the female model: This does not have many errors.

I just need a fit on the body that I'll describe via email and the creation of 2 Morph (do not ask why Morph only does it).

Note: Please send me a sample of one of your works.

Of course I do not want you to do this with nothing in return, you can choose anything from this page for your UTAU: YeDev Commission Page, but I go for some small limits.

Note: Please, if you want the process of your oto.ini to be made faster, include in the files an oto base.


VCV: x3 Pitchers
CVVC: x4 Pitchers
CV: x7 Pitchers


VCCV: x3 Pitchers
CVVC: x5 Pitchers
CV: x6 Pitchers

Arpasing (0.1.0 - 0.2.0): x2 Pitchers
Note for arpasing: This is a somewhat time-consuming format, and custumizadas will only be accepted if you have a base oto.

Why am I doing this? Simply because I do not have enough time to sort this out, and also because my knowledge in MMD is very small, and also because I want to train some more styles of the oto and see how each voice behaves with my style of oto.ini
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