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    I'm recreating a chorus PV.
    Each singer has a lipsync model from a different artist.
    I need 3 more characters/lipsync models to finish this cover and begin my PV.

    If you would like your voicebank included (be it UTAU or DeepVocal) please reply here. I will show you 3 images, and you will have to create a lipsync model of your character based on that image. It's santa themed.

    I'm putting a lot of work into making this cover and PV as close to the original as I can get it, but I can't do more than one lipsync model because my art style doesn't vary enough.

    Because I'm going all out for this, I'm looking for people also willing to put some effort in.

    You may ask what's in it for you.
    The answer is your vb/chara in a really cool chorus/PV!

    Because this cover is my own project, it feels a little conceited to ask others for characters and lipsync models. If you choose to participate, you will be credited for the character/artwork and appropriate link backs will be in the description.

    I hope this makes sense, eheh...
    Feel free to ask questions!

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