SHE IS SO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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HI!! So, A long time ago I was a kid posting on this website about an Utauloid I wanted to create named "Iidoh Koe"


THEN I forgot about her. OOPSIES............... BUT now I've decided to make her an ACTUAL voicebank. So YEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Anyway...... The NEW AND IMPROVED Iidoh Koe!!!!!!!


She is an android leading a biker gang in a future where the (mostly) Utopian world had decided to nuke Arizona as a way to have a place that people who want to do illegal things (Like violence) can go as a way to reduce the crime rate everywhere and make it look a bit better. She doesn't have an official voicebank........ BUT SHE WILL SOON!!!!!!!!!!
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