1. arekkusu_tobayashi

    Karma Giggles

    Karma is a positive and funny person who tries her best to make you happy. She is creative, confident, optimistic, possessive, sadistic, polite, and impatient.
  2. Hana-chan

    How do you make an utau using samples of an (instrumental) song?

    My sister wants me to make an utauloid of the Spongebob closing theme song using the song as its voice, if you will. This sounds like a really interesting and unique idea, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Do you take samples and export them as normal like "a" "ba" ka" etc or do you just...
  3. Big_B

    READY STEADY COLLAB Ft. Akemi Kinko, Akagane Karou and Yukine Ketsueki

    Hewoo! Just quickly dropping this cover here! Would wait until tomorrow to post it, but I was so excited that I had to post it right now! XD Btw, here it is (FINALLY!) my collab cover of the song Ready Steady. I hope you like it! :3 Credits - UST: KeraKera-Utau Music: Giga Lyrics: q*Left...
  4. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    [CLOSED] Looking to commission someone for recording the samples of a french utau vb

    Hi, I am SeleDreams, a french VOCALOID/UTAU producer. You can check my work here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrACskOWKwcko_lz6fcXsbQ I wish to compose more french music, however the lack of cute french vbs is kinda affecting my goal, at the moment only hitsuboku kumi with gender factor...
  5. Astrialogical

    Voicebank Arianwen Lloyd

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Arianwen Lloyd. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Astrialogical

    Arianwen Lloyd

    Pronouns: She / Her Species: Albino Raccoon Nationality: Welsh Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship: Taken by Ken Yanaki PERSONALITY: Arianwen is a shy individual who doesn't interact with people often. Because of this, she doesn't quite understand how emotions work when around other people and...
  7. Muffcakezzz

    Open Art Mixing OTO Other Will make vtuber model(s)/art/writing for oto's

    Yo, I'm Muffcakezzz, I'm starting up a project where multiple voicebanks will need to be oto'd. I can make vtuber models, illustrations, harmony guides, and writing pieces in return for otos of cv, vcv, and cvvc voicebanks. Please contact me on discord if you'd like to work with me or want to...
  8. N.Zo

    Open UTAPlanet: 22 Chorus Battle - Team Applications Open

    Greetings! I'm happy to announce that I am co-hosting UTAPlanet: 22. Feel free to join the official UTAPlanet discord server here Do you already have your team? Fill out your team application here Official updates are uploaded on the official twitter What is UTAPlanet: 22? UTAPlanet: 22 is a...
  9. CoolCactus123

    Anybody could help me improve my OTO?

    Hello, this is my first time doing a utau voicebank, i recently finished making the oto (used moresample and also did some stuff manually) but honest to god i dont know what im doing. If anybody could help me make improvements i would be really helpful. Here's the bank in zip...
  10. Sh1ro42

    Haruka Nana not making any noise

    Im having trouble getting any of Haruka Nana's voicebanks to make any noise but Teto Kasane and Defoko work just fine (im a complete beginner)
  11. FayKamaxo

    I made a synth rp server :))))

    ✿˖﹆ ﹕((HEYO(( ++ ՚﹒ ≧ ࣪. ◜#⃞「 つつHello hello⁀ Yeees i'm talking to youつつ ╭ ᐟ♡ ₊ ⊹ ⌢﹆ ˚₊Are you looking for an active rp server, for you to use your original utauloid or even other synths? And with apartment/hotel Slice of Life themed? So, what are you waiting for?! come here now!!!! ╰ દ...
  12. IZUKO

    can someone edit my voicebank

    now people might think that I need oto but I want my voicebank to be edited so it can sound clean and fresh because I want the voicebank to be used in many vocal synthesizer software like VOCALOID, UTAU, SYNTHESIZER V, etc...
  13. BubbaTea

    Neroism (Yamine Renri Cover)

    hiiii, it's been a while, im still learning to do utau covers, this time i tried a using yamine renri's voice bank to do this neroism cover, hope yall like it, constructive criticism is appreciated! (don't mind the cover art btw asdfasdf)
  14. Oto

    Voicebank Tomeo Montaro -LongHorn-

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  15. Tomeo Montaro -LongHorn-

    Tomeo Montaro -LongHorn-

  16. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    Croire ft. Hitsuboku Kumi French

    This is an original french song I have made with Hitsuboku Kumi French, i hope you'll enjoy it
  17. AkaiiTwki

    【UTAU RELEASE】ぬる (NULL)【Mikami Falk】

    New cover+ new voicebank. I hope you enjoy
  18. PETSHOPloid

    Voicebank Katsune Katsumi

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