1. UTAUSammy

    Lost UTAU: Saundo Samuru + Saundo Saku

    Hello everyone! So this is a bit of a long shot, but 10 years ago I released two UTAU called Saundo Samuru and Saundo Saku, is there any chance anyone has my voicebanks backed up somewhere? I had them both backed up online, but the account I was using has been deleted without warning, so now...
  2. giolovesfugo

    help (꒪⌓꒪)

    so for some reason when i use japanese voicebanks, when i try to type in japanese characters it just comes out as mojibake. i changed my region and everything else to japan so im not sure what else i have to do/change. also, the pc im using is a dell/windows 10, but before i used an acer laptop...
  3. VocaDY-Creation

    Open Offering PayPal Other Voiceprovider for Equal Sols's Kahone Saki.

    Hi theres so we are on the hunt for a voicer for our leader of Equal Sols Kahone Saki. (I posted the other day but wasnt able to delete it since its been updated) Project: Equal Sols; Utau group. Looking for: voice provider for Kahone Saki. Contact: VocaDY-Creation#3189 Additional info: -...
  4. VocaDY-Creation

    Looking for female voicer or someone who can do a female voice for a group.

    The UTAU group Equal Sols is currently looking for voicer for Kahone Saki! The voice type we're looking for is a calm/bright feminine voice or a strong (Una/Rana type). Requirement: - willing to voice several appends as time progress - records at least in VCV (preferably 7 mora with extras) -...
  5. Samutau

    Utau sounds like it's singing through a pvc pipe

    I dont know ...how do I fix my utau sounding PVC pipe when recording or adding this to the program my recorded notes don't do this so its strange to me ^_^;; Anybody know whats up?
  6. Samutau

    Change notes in Utau from Romanji to Hirigana?

    SOLVED my bad ._.
  7. lightningparfait

    Utau not making sound yes I know I googled it

    Okay so my utau synth program is not making sound, It didnt do this before and was working perfectly fine before. but I downloaded yukone ruko voicebank and now none of my previous utaus I had downloaded will play even defoko. I will try to change my locale and re download but im not sure how to...
  8. AgataBr22

    Voicebank Denki Kyoe

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Denki Kyoe. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. Denki Kyoe

    Denki Kyoe

    Name: Denki Kyoe Apparent Age: about 20 years old Type: AVS Android (AVS = Artificial Voice System) Gentle, calm, loves to hum, listens to music all day, a little distracted but diligent. This voice bank was made completely artificially, vowels made with a virtual instrument and improved with...
  10. bluemule64

    yall omg

    yall i was just going to use utau but i cant :bigtears: :bigtears: :bigtears:
  11. Nythoma

    「UTAU English | VB Update」 Washing Machine Heart - (Mitski Cover) ft. Thoma

  12. luijj3


    is there a app or way to make a cv oto sound better?
  13. SuperStarXD

    Voicebank Deci Mal

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Deci Mal. Please add to the discussion here.
  14. Deci Mal

    Deci Mal

    Deci is generally loud and obnoxious, to the point of being annoying for some and charismatic for others. While she is often perceived as a tomboy, she will not hesitate to dress up as a pink princess. She might also have a streak for mischief, as evidence has recently surfaced that she let...
  15. ammamanagucci

    Critique Requested clock work (nagi ft 初音ミク dark) / yuganda koe FINALE beta / UTAU

    finding this UST was such a pain qnq critiques are welcome!
  16. Aline

    [OPENUTAU Cover] Jitter Doll [Enbukyoku Aline Tough (CVVC Mode)]

    Aline's voicebank uses a VCV-VC list, which means that, theoretically speaking, she can sing in CVVC as well as VCV. I just didn't know if it'd work because I never really programmed CVVC before and just went on to test stuff. It... Worked? You be the judge.
  17. cloudyyskie

    Open PayPal Art Mixing Other UTAU / VOCALOID tuning, art, and mixing commissions open!

    Heya! I'm cloudyyskie. Haven't been active here in a while, but I do utau and vocaloid tuning, along with art and mixing commissions! All details can be found here: https://cloudyycomissions.carrd.co
  18. ammamanagucci

    why haven't you switched to openUTAU?

    i'm just generally curious, i personally have completely switched to openUTAU after discovering it, but i know a lot of people are sticking with the og UTAU. what are your reasons for doing so?
  19. Diongoespew!

    Resource [LATIN CV BREATH]

    This is my first time making a reclist! Sorry if it's off or anything! I just really love latin and wanted this. Lance is still in production but here we go! [Mirrored from my Deviantart] I call this the "element reclist system] a series of expeiremental reclists for lesser known and some off...
  20. 8bei

    【UTAU cover】Inferno 【Kasane Teto】+UST