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Discussion in 'Multiple / Other Voice Synths' started by IrisFlower, Apr 27, 2015.

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    I have bought Vocaloid 5 editor with Xin Hua Japanese V4 library. Vocaloid 5 comes with 4 "default voices": Amy, Chris, Kaori, and Ken. Amy (female) and Chris (male) are English vocals, Kaori (female) and Ken (male) are for Japanese.

    I am willing to render Amy, Chris, Kaori, and Ken in V5 editor. I'm still a beginner with V5, so I cannot do much more than plug-and-play and small necessary VPR/VSQx editing, I can also add a few vocal fries here and there and use an automatic breathing function.

    I own also Vocaloid 4.5 editor for Cubase too for XinHua, so in that editor, I can XSY her Natural and Power voices (I can use her in V5 too if you prefer that better but XSY isn't available in V5).
  2. partial

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    I also have Vocaloid5. Chris, Amy, Ken, Kaori.
  3. Sors

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    I have Megurine Luka V2
  4. susrever

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    I have Vocaloid3 Mew and I can render, test vsqx and tune if needed (although it depends on whether you ask me during exam period or not.)
    I also own the UTAU Perfect Master and the Starter Pack and I've got no problem rendering/testing usts/tuning them too (for tuning, the same as above applies, but I'm more inclined to tune on utau so chances are, I'll tune anyway even if I'm busy!)

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