Resolved three questions??


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ok so basically....

how can i change my birthday?
can i "unretire?"
and ... is it possible to recover posts u made years ago?

im sorry im stupid it's been a while


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All of these things are things you'd have to contact an administrator for.

I am not sure if you can change your birthday. Iirc you can buy a one time change from the store using UtaBucks but as of late it seems UtaBucks don't seem to be functioning. That's something I imagine an administrator would also have to fix.

Yes, you can unretire. An admin will have to change your status. @MystSaphyr

If you're looking to recover posts made from an old account, no.
From your current account, your post history should still be intact. If it's been years since you last logged in here it may not show up. I'm honestly not sure if the forum has an 'inactivity cutoff time', or so to speak.

Your questions aren't stupid! Welcome back.
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