1. FluffyWaffles

    Looking for english diffsinger AI voicebanks

    Hello! I’m looking for an English diff singer voicebank with a cute tone. Most I’ve found are Japanese and don’t support English. Im not too concerned about the quality of the voicebank. Just want a cute voice that’s made for English.
  2. zundamonahhhh

    ustx not working?

    (openutau) downloaded someone else's ustx, but the parts dont show up. any way to fix this? :bigtears: screen shot for reference:
  3. zundamonahhhh

    need help with romanji to hiragana(?)

    (openutau) not 100% if this is the solution im looking for, but zundamon won't say any letters that aren't vowels, since they're a japanese voicebank i guess. i think openutau has a built in way to translate, but idk how to make it work. do i download a plugin? help pls!!! :bigtears:
  4. plakythebirb

    Character name appearing in mojibake despite locale change?

    Hello. I am working on a UTAU, but I've noticed an odd problem. Despite having my locale changed, the voicebank name is appearing in a mojibake-like form. No other part of the software is acting like this. If anyone needs to look at the full voicebank or UST file, I'm willing to provide it...
  5. agender-vflower

    Help i cant find i link to Mawarine Shuu's voicebank lol

    im begging ;-;
  6. nyxx

    Hii so im relatively new to UTAU but i do have some questions..

    You know those letters before a word? For example "aあ", those connect the word to the sound of the previous word right? Do I have to manually put those for every single word? Or is there an easier automatic way? Please do let me know, thanks!
  7. ProjectKoe

    Anyway i need help with Oremo

    So uh. Yeah. What is this error and how do I fix it?
  8. p0lybiusv4x

    How to combine all of Yokune Ruko's voicebanks?

    For more than a year ive been messing around with Yokune Ruko, with a yokune ruko kire + yokune ruko strained combined voicebank. However ive really been struggling when it comes to combining MORE of ruko's voicebanks. Id like to add the rest of Ruko's voicebanks to my already combined one. Ive...
  9. p0lybiusv4x

    How to combine multiple Yokune Ruko voicebanks?

    After a few months of messing around with Ruko's male kire + strained combined voicebank i decided i really want to combine the other voicebanks into it too, i.e Yokune Ruko whisper. I know its possible since ive seen people do it, im just a bit confused all around. Am i supposed to change the...
  10. locaera

    How do i put space between notes in UTAU?

    Hey guys! I don't know if anyone else has asked this question on the forum, but I have a small question - how do I put spaces between notes in UTAU? (Honestly - this is my first time asking a question on the forum, so I don't really know how things work here, thanks <3).
  11. Tarotto


    I finally got my vocaloid 2 voicebanks :D BUT I CANT SWAP SINGER PLS I NEED HELP ASAP
  12. sayoriddlc

    pitch editor right click isnt working

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just got utau and im trying to use pitch editor and the right click to pitch wont show up (;′⌒`) i have to keep going into tools to open it and its so annoying what is wrong with my pc <( _ _ )>
  13. DragonCabbage

    I cant use most vsqx in vocaloid 3 keep getting a error

    Im not new to Vocaloid but vocaloid three is so strange to me as i was under the assumption that it could use 4's vsqx? But it cant. i get the error line 4 character 83: no declaration found for element 'vsq4'. without conversion i cant use it and i cant find any way to convert a vsqx to v3 if...
  14. phoenixz

    suffixes on openutau

    hi! i dont know how to word things so im sorry if this doesnt make sense!! im trying to use kasane tetos shout, and i have to put a "↑" after every note to use it, is there an easier way to do this on openutau?? very sorry if this is a weird question
  15. skrunkly62910

    OpenUTAU EN ARPA phonemizer not working correctly

    Since there's literally nowhere else to discuss help topic like this, (my github account was suspended despite me never using it and the openutau reddit is private) I came here. Basically, I have an arpasing voicebank and it seems to work as normal until I want to break up the syllables of a...
  16. Fyshbot

    How to make Teto growl in OpenUtau?

    Hi all! I am brand new to making songs with OpenUtau in general (cause I have no luck trying to get anything to work in Utau and OpenUtau's layout is easier for me to personally work with) and I'm still learning a lot... I was wondering how I can make Teto's growl voicebank sound good in...
  17. MoaHarbour

    Big OpenUtau issue with voicebanks not loading

    After updating to v0.1.90.0. in OpenUtau, none of the voicebanks I have work. I can't even open the dropdown menu. None of them have been deleted in the files. If you have a solution to this please tell me!
  18. Cherricaque

    Moresampler issuessss

    So.... moresampler won't work. I've used it before, worked fine, I've looked at just about every thread on here about moresampler issues and tried all the advice but it just hasn't gotten me anywhere. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried different voicebanks, absolutely nothing...
  19. Juanito

    How do I un-drag the plugins from Utau????

    If you accidentally dragged a plugin or maybe something else into an open utau window then you would have encountered my struggle, but dw I figured out how to fix it. I got this problem beacuse I unzipped the plugins then dragged them into the utau, which broke them. If I put them properly into...
  20. MoaHarbour

    Favorite flag/resampler combinations?

    Getting back into classic UTAU for the first time in a while so I'm looking for some advice. What are your favorite flags to use? It would be helpful to list what each one does but I don't mind either way