1. aplusod

    [WIP] Looking for feedback on a VCCV english cover, and for VCCV english UTAU recommendations

    It's been a long time since I last used this forum so hopefully this is the right place for feedback on WIPs. sorry if it's not;; I wrote some translyrics of Giga's Ready Steady recently and figured "Well this will be my yearly UTAU cover" but little did I realize that the UST was in like 11...
  2. Mang0

    Help with commissions!

    Hi all! Brand new to the forums, but not utau! How would i start Utau design, profiles, and boxart commissions? What websites should I use, how should I receive payment, ect. Any help is much appreciated! (posted this in commissions but don't think thats where this question goes... I couldn't...
  3. UsoppFanGirl

    Why Does my CV VB sound like this?

    this is the first few lines in bacterial contamination. any reason why it sounds like this? my only guess is that something with the oto is off, but its oto'd correctly from what i can see.
  4. L

    Need help putting configured reclist into UTAU software

    Hey there! New to this forum but I need some help. I’ve been following CZ’s VCCV English tutorial to the letter and ran into some problems with SetParam. So I’ve configured the whole reclist, but have no clue how to actually import this into UTAU itself. I’ve tried moving one or two files into...
  5. Tokyo-Plus

    How do I start with Utau??

    Hello. I wanna learn Utau and tuning but I don't kmow where to start. I wanna make covers with Teto but idk where to start. I need help with starting to learn tuning. Please help
  6. UsoppFanGirl

    Division By Zero Error?

    So I was editing frq files along with the oto editor in utau. My "mo" note wasn't playing so i tried to fix it. However, when I went and edited some parts of the oto settings, i went into the oto editor and a "Division by zero" error message showed up. Can someone help me out with this? I don't...
  7. UsoppFanGirl

    Help! My .wav files arent being read!

    Ive never come across this problem before, but essentially ive taken some sound clips and exported them as .wav files in audacity. yes they are microsoft 16-bit samples. I moved them to my voicebank's folder, then opened up UTAU like normal and had the VB play the new notes, except nothing came...
  8. UsoppFanGirl

    Need help with a VB

    Hi I recently posted a very similar request for help but I learned that I am not allowed to distribute it since it is a Jinriki. However, I can show pictures of my settings if need be. Basically, I'm making a Jinriki VB and oh my god is it bad. the audio samples i used were fine, the problem...
  9. HotGrenade

    Certain Samples Won't Play with TIPS Resampler

    As per title, TIPS isn't playing certain samples in the voicebank I'm using but is playing everything else fine. (the voicebank is MAKKU AENGUS VCCV if anyone is curious) I checked the files that aren't playing and they're all oto'd correctly. I've also regenerated the frequency files for the...
  10. UsoppFanGirl

    Need Help For a Jinriki VB

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a...
  11. Shadowespio

    Yamine Renri Crashing Utau-Synth

    I've been trying to use Yamine Renri, but when she sings certain notes it crashes utau synth or causes the render to be stuck in purgatory. I tried updating the .spef files, but a select few of those crash the application as well. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  12. 公式-パムowo

    Voice Provider Request for my UTAU :>

    Hello, I would like to know if you're interested in voicing an UTAU I'm currently making. Her name is YUИI☆ / ユニ☆, she is a CV (includes VV samples and endbreaths :>) monopitch bank who needs a voice (and a design but that's less important). Contact me if you would like to voice her. HOW TO...
  13. F

    Control points at the end of each note's tuning won't move outside of note or up/down.

    I usually try to figure out things in UTAU through trial and error, but this particular issue I just can't figure out, and I can't find anyone asking about it. When I try to tune a note, the control points at the end of that string of control points won't move past the left and right edges of...
  14. Seadust

    I want to create a VOICEROID-UTAU like VocalSynth...But I'd need help!

    Hello! I'm Seadust! I'm new here and I have a big project in mind.. I desire to create a freeware program that let's you make a Talkloid ! I have plans to add inotations like VOICEROID too and maybe a possible detailed inotation editor where you can get the exact flocculation you want. Also...
  15. Sybaycat

    VSQx to UST sounds weird O^Q

    Today I used UtaFormatix to convert VSQx to UST and it sounded weird. I was strange because I fitted the UST to my UTAU... Maybe did I make a mistake while fitting ? Maybe it's something else ?
  16. soy

    Utau doesn't sing some notes

    Hi ! For some reason, the utau I'm using (Karasu Yuutsukoe) refuses to sing most notes from the ust. I tried to change the voicebank but the problem is still there, if not worse, and I'm pretty sure it would be the same with another utau. The notes he sings also seem to be pretty random. For...
  17. Reelok

    Need help with OTOing 'long consonents'

    So this is my first VC voicebank and i really need help OTOing it ive binged god knows how many hours worth of tutorials on how to OTO ive managed to do short consonents really well, but long ones like 'shi' and 'tsu' and really just not it i tried to oto 'shi' but whenever i stretch the pink...
  18. Sprok

    Hi everyone! (I need some help ^w^)

    Hi, so I have installed UTAU Via tutorial, I’m aware of the glitch with the Japanese where it shows up as jumbled letters but I have a diffferent problem, when I type into my lyrics box in UTAU the lyrics that I type from my Japanese keyboard turns into question marks. I did screw it up with the...
  19. Machimaru

    downloaded UTAUs won't work?

    Okay so i recently got UTAU (yesterday), and Uta works all fine and dandy- i got a pitch plugin to play around with, fun times. But when I downloaded Momone Momo (soft and cute versions, i even downloaded the soft one twice) and extract it and cut and paste them into the voice folder- and it...
  20. ruuuki

    My Utau keeps crashing before i even start

    (I hope this is under the right thread, apologies if it isn't) I was just using UTAU-Synth like I normally would, but when I closed it and tried to reopen it, it wouldn't work. What I mean by "it wouldn't work" is I would click the app, it'll load to the registration key thing, and since I...