1. pepreya

    Aviutl only exporting frame?

    Please help! Whenever I try exporting an aviutl project the end result only exports 1 frame. Here are the things I have tried already: -Exporting to mp4 (only exporting with x264 works) -ffmpeg export -AVI export -converting files -Made the last object as the last frame I'm trying to upload a...
  2. Nouillette_2.0

    I need help with Teto Whisper VB (French noob)

    Bonjour, Pour commencer, je tiens à préciser que je parle français et que j'utilise Google Traduction, désolé si ce n'est pas très compréhensible ou si je devais faire une présentation de moi avant ou quelque chose comme ça, je fais de mon mieux. Je ne sais même pas s'il existe un sujet ou un...
  3. m-miyu

    how do you u se english voicebanks

    like do you use them a different way or am i just a idiot and it is something obvious that i am missing?
  4. m-miyu

    why are the lyric still ??

    why is the text ??
  5. Sh1ro42

    Haruka Nana not making any noise

    Im having trouble getting any of Haruka Nana's voicebanks to make any noise but Teto Kasane and Defoko work just fine (im a complete beginner)
  6. MaximusVolk

    Trying to find this plugin

    I remember once having this plug-in for UTAU that allowed you to set flags on all notes and the intensity is based on what key the note is set. For example, Mt flag becomes stronger the higher the note and weaker the lowest of the note. If this rings a bell, please tell me.
  7. viathementallyunstableper

    How to OtO?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to UTAU, however I can make covers and I have made a CV voicebank. My only issue is the otoing, no matter how it's explained nothing makes sense to me, could anyone help further explain it? Thank you.
  8. wystopia

    utau-synth: how to remove green bars?

    how do you remove the green bars at the top?
  9. Kawaiine Is Queen

    Teto Weak isn't working

    I downloaded Teto Weak (CV & VCV) and put it in my general Teto folder. Neither CV or VCV play any sound despite my attempts to fix it. I've looked at the oto.ini and put exactly what it said, I've renamed files and their spot in the oto.ini, and I've renamed folders. If anybody knows how to...
  10. Bucket

    No sound in OpenUTAU? [SOLVED]

    ok so update but when I press play in openutau to test notes, nothing happens. I make sure to check the if I used the right phonemizer for the voicebank, tested multiple different voicebanks (yes even japanese ones to see if only the english ones were the problem), deleted and reinstalled the...
  11. Bucket

    English VCCV in OpenUTAU?

    how do i make english vccv voicebanks work in openutau? i have 3 english vccv voicebanks (unless it's the arpasing or delta options). if it is the arpasing or delta options then can someone explain what those two options are and what they do/how they work? if it's neither of these options then...
  12. V

    Audio was working one minute, didn't the next

    Audio and everything was working fine, then I went to replay and it stopped and hasn't come back on since, haven't found anyone else describing this, is there anything I can do before reinstalling?
  13. A

    Adding Haruka Nana's extra samples to VCV voicebank

    How would one go about combining Haruka Nana's VCV voicebank and her extra samples (Ending breaths) pack? Should I just add the extra sample folder to her VCV folder? I did that, but now the OTO-numbers for the samples aren't added in UTAU, even if I copy-pasted them into the OTO-noteblock (have...
  14. pyokiri.o

    Openuatu bank import trouble

    I was importing my CV voicebank into Openutau but when I check the files they're all gone? ? I made sure it was compressed and encoded correctly. Any suggestions or help wound be great!!
  15. YuiTheKitsune

    Some UST's I download have a romaji letter before the hirigana and my UTAU wont sing it unless i remove it by hand

    So I recently started using UTAU software and stuff and some of the USTs I find will have a romaji letter before the Hirigana letter and my UTAU wont sing it unless I remove the romaji. Ive tried using the converter but that dosent do anything on these USTs. Is there any way i can get rid of...
  16. Cool629

    Utau not working

    1. it works when i use default but it won't read any ust. (a little issue and the soundtrack being Demons by imagine dragons in japanese) 2. when i try using other Voice Banks they don't work... both english and japanese stay silent with no sound (Milk"s Voice Bank) 3. i used Utau on a Windows...
  17. reallycoolpencil

    Hey! Does anyone have Kazehiki English's download key?

    I'm trying to download that voicebank but it requires a download key and I have no idea what it is so if anyone here has it, please help me :')
  18. TeeksST

    A question about appends and prefixes

  19. A

    Help with Korean (?) VB XoX paperbag

    So I just downloaded XoX paperbags Solid and Vivid Voicebanks, but I can't make them work. Idk if it's because the voicefiles are in korean (or maybe they aren't, I can't read it and it's not Japanese) but when I check it out in Voice settings they are all Japanese VCV? And when I open the...