1. UTAUSammy

    Lost UTAU: Saundo Samuru + Saundo Saku

    Hello everyone! So this is a bit of a long shot, but 10 years ago I released two UTAU called Saundo Samuru and Saundo Saku, is there any chance anyone has my voicebanks backed up somewhere? I had them both backed up online, but the account I was using has been deleted without warning, so now...
  2. giolovesfugo

    help (꒪⌓꒪)

    so for some reason when i use japanese voicebanks, when i try to type in japanese characters it just comes out as mojibake. i changed my region and everything else to japan so im not sure what else i have to do/change. also, the pc im using is a dell/windows 10, but before i used an acer laptop...
  3. R

    Is there a way to make a voice sound just like Teto's?

    Posted this question on r/vocaloid and r/utau subreddits already, but trying to find out if you guys here would know anything I'm trying to find out if there is a way to make Teto's iconic voice using another voice, however I don't know of what effects or of what kind of processing on a voice...
  4. esperAnte

    how do i change the vocal sound in UTAUSynth?

    i'm relatively new to producing with UTAUSynth and have noticed one thing with the application: i can't make defoko say anything other than あ. i right clicked on the note and tried to paste a new vocal in and it didn't let me. i have downloaded the application from the official site and have had...
  5. Samutau

    Change notes in Utau from Romanji to Hirigana?

    SOLVED my bad ._.
  6. vlagamer

    Utauloid dont sing wav song

    ok i download open utau and i see option about wav file and insert my childhood song (red card march from alice in wonderland by visotsky) and what i see then i press start, she sing vistosky voice instead girl voice and yeas i set up her phonetic to cirylic so can you tell what i do wrong andand
  7. underscoredotpng

    SuffixBroker won't open

    Once again, a problem with SuffixBroker. Today when I got Teto's Whisper voicebank, I wanted to add a suffix to SuffixBroker so I can use Teto Whisper but it won't open. Please help!
  8. MoaHarbour

    What is an append?

    Newcomer here... What is an append? How do I use it? Also side note, I notice on the voice bank I am using (Deiji Makotone V2) Her profile says- B3: Sweet, low tone D4: vivid, clear tone etc, etc... I think these are the different types of voices she has, but I'm not quite sure how to use...
  9. Fuzzies

    What do I do in a UTAU collab?

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to post, so please move this if needed. Also, apologies in advance if there are any typos. As the title says, 'What do I do in a UTAU collab?' Though it hasn't happened yet, they're just planning for it. The song they want to collaborate with was already...
  10. lightningparfait

    Two Questions

    When I opened one of my ust's it glitched and looks like this. When I scroll it lags and when I play it glitched and skips to the end. I js wanna know what it means since my ust's keep glitching :( also, what does this on the note mean?? I know its a growl of some sort but how do they add that...
  11. romy

    Editing a whole voicebank worth of files?

    So I want to edit my voicebank because my voice isn't like how I want the voicebank to sound like. I tried to import all the clips into Audacity, but it crashes every time. (there are almost 650 files so this is probably a given.) Is there a better way to do this? What can I do with Audacity to...
  12. asfgsgdfhdf

    Help finding a certain utau

    sorry if this is the wrong category ^^ before i reset (factory reset) my laptop, i had a certain utauloid vb that i liked a lot i dont remember too much but -she- had white hair and blue eyes, i think the theme was snow? maybe a bit of angel stuff too? not too sure but the color palette was...
  13. hikarilux

    V2 and SONIKA

    I've been really interested in getting VOCALOID when I get an actually good pc, and especially V1 and V2. I know that it's impossible to get the V1 english voicebanks without piracy, but V2 pikes my interest still. More specifically, SONIKA. I am aware that she's not the most loved, even as just...
  14. N

    Very stuck on how to use both UTAU and OpenUtau

    As the title says I'm pretty stumped. On UTAU I can navigate it fine, use plugins and such, however when it comes to using English CV I'm so lost. I have a masterlist saved but they only show a handful of sounds, I don't know how to make even basic words within the software and struggle to find...
  15. pepreya

    Aviutl only exporting frame?

    Please help! Whenever I try exporting an aviutl project the end result only exports 1 frame. Here are the things I have tried already: -Exporting to mp4 (only exporting with x264 works) -ffmpeg export -AVI export -converting files -Made the last object as the last frame I'm trying to upload a...
  16. Nouillette_2.0

    I need help with Teto Whisper VB (French noob)

    Bonjour, Pour commencer, je tiens à préciser que je parle français et que j'utilise Google Traduction, désolé si ce n'est pas très compréhensible ou si je devais faire une présentation de moi avant ou quelque chose comme ça, je fais de mon mieux. Je ne sais même pas s'il existe un sujet ou un...
  17. m-miyu

    how do you u se english voicebanks

    like do you use them a different way or am i just a idiot and it is something obvious that i am missing?
  18. m-miyu

    why are the lyric still ??

    why is the text ??
  19. Sh1ro42

    Haruka Nana not making any noise

    Im having trouble getting any of Haruka Nana's voicebanks to make any noise but Teto Kasane and Defoko work just fine (im a complete beginner)