1. KrimsonDCLXVI

    How to make an Utau do that Punk shout/yell (NOT scream)?

    Note that this is way different from a scream and I am asking because the scream utaus that I currently have are not able to replicate this. They are meant for metal scream/grunts/gutteral growls but I want fierce shouts/yells perhaps with slight growls mainly found in punk genres and maybe some...
  2. KrimsonDCLXVI

    How To Get Utau AND Properly Working On Linux?

    I got a cheap crappy windows computer to be able to use FL Studio and Utau and it's now failing to keep up with me because lack of space (<1GB left). However, I do have a Linux computer that is more powerful but I don't really use it because I never figured out how to get Utau to work on Linux...
  3. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Merge notes in utau?

    Is there a way to merge two notes in utau to make it one note?
  4. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Open Art OTO Will Do Art For Hakaine Maiko Re-Oto

    I heard this is something that helps improve the way Maiko sounds and is highly recommended and I would like if someone re-otoed Maiko for me and I will do art in return. My art is here on my site
  5. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Need Help Finding a Song

    It was an opera duet cover of Duo De Fleurs (Flower Duet) I believe and the title was something like "Opera Shion and (other singer's name I forgot but feminine voice I believe) Lakme Duo De Fleurs (Flower Duet)" or something like that and it sounded very realistic. I remember 'Opera Shion' but...
  6. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Problems importing USTs

    Ive been trying to import a UST for a while now but it wont scroll past the first few seconds of the rest note (it scrolls past it off screen but doesn't want to play anything else or scroll when i try to scroll past the rest note) or it only loads in the rest note and nothing else. Rest note...
  7. l3xicatZ

    Kasane Teto Not Working

    So recently, i have uninstalled and reinstalled UTAU. then i deleted my previous Teto voicebanks, she worked before. keep in mind that! i downloaded her appended (extra library) voicebank, installed it, and when i hit the sample button, it makes a windows error sound, and she wont sing! what am...
  8. sulphurteeth

    UTAU notes aren't connected?

    Hi !! I'm new to UTAU, downloaded it last night on a whim, and was actually trying it this morning... but I seem to have a wee problem? ww In all the tutorials I've seen , there's always a thin line connecting the notes ... but on my laptop at least, the notes are all separated? And it can't...
  9. JamesOvO

    Tuning until UTAU breaks????

    So when I was making a ust, There is 5 parts to it. So when I was tuning I wanted to hear a sample of it, utau started to lag like crazy, and it froze for a bit. What happend to my ust btw this is what the tuning looks like, Is there a reason that utau breaks when I tune so much? Edit: I use...
  10. ngovandang

    Password help please hint: Kokushibo sword name and Nico Nico Douga video number. 黒死牟の刀の名前と、動画番号 (英数字) and hint: 壱の型を・含めて6字 I tried but no luck There's another password for archive after you downloaded it Anyone got interesting with...
  11. KrimsonDCLXVI

    How to import MIDI file into UTAU?

    I cant seem to get it to work. Nothing shows up and I really need help.
  12. JamesOvO

    How to make oto drag and drop like VCV otoing?

    I have a Rentan Recording list that I just recorded. I'm wondering how to make the oto drag and drop (when you can just drag the offset and it will make the cutoff go the same too) Like a VCV oto, I want that to be like that with my oto. Is there anyway to make the oto like that?? (I don't know...
  13. KrimsonDCLXVI

    "Failed to generate a wav file. Please check the settings"

    So I tried using Maiko again today and she doesn't want to scream. I keep getting this error that pops up when I click play. I recently installed tn_fnds because I was told it is great for a voice like Maiko's. Not sure what's wrong but here are some images showing my settings and files and stuff.
  14. whiteglove

    VOCALOID2 failed to install!

    Hey! So I bought Tonio back when he was last on sale, and he REFUSES to install! I tried to reinstall Miki V2 a few months back, and both times, the installation failed. I've tried disabling drivers, installing on a different drive, installing just the voice DB, and several other things. At this...
  15. J4ck0_L!nk0

    Tips for making a VCV voicebank?

    Hi, so I'm planning on making a VCV voicebank for one of my characters here soon, and I've made several revisions to his CV voicebank, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for trying to make a VCV voicebank
  16. kakimiko

    pitch editor down???

    Pitch editor shows when I hit tools > plugins, and it'll open when I click it, but once it's open it won't let me do anything. I can't add or move pitchbends. It's not frozen because the buttons on the bottom work just fine. I tried envelope editor and it worked just fine, so it's clearly not an...
  17. Domabu

    Can someone help me match pitch please?? :D

    So, I've recently downloaded UTAU and after reading a bit about how to use the software, I've decided to try covering a little bit of Nekobolo's Apriloop ft. Hatsune Miku. (such a good song I'm gonna cryyy) BUT, although I think I've got half of the first line of the song matched (lyric is...
  18. Kat+

    Open Little Cry of Abyss MIDI Help

    Hii I recently made a full midi of Little cry of the abyss by sasakure.UK and I was wondering if anybody could help me tidy it up because I'm a beginner at midi'ing. I'm offering commissions, art assets, and tuning in return for services. Thank you have a great day! 1621380604 By commissions I...
  19. Yomi

    Looking for someone to oto NSFW voicebank

    Hello! I'm new here. Well I just got a ero voicebank recorded (it was inspired by Acme Iku) I don't know if I'm allowed to ask it here, but anyways.. I don't know how to oto the voicebank or at least make it sound good :/ Anyone with experience would be a great help! Please DM me if it's...
  20. UtauloidWannabe

    Pitch Editor by Zheer is Zoomed Out

    I've seen that this question has been answered in Dollmaker's post. However, I can't click on any of the arrows. Very sorry for the repeat, can someone help me?