1. skrunkly62910

    OpenUTAU EN ARPA phonemizer not working correctly

    Since there's literally nowhere else to discuss help topic like this, (my github account was suspended despite me never using it and the openutau reddit is private) I came here. Basically, I have an arpasing voicebank and it seems to work as normal until I want to break up the syllables of a...
  2. Fyshbot

    How to make Teto growl in OpenUtau?

    Hi all! I am brand new to making songs with OpenUtau in general (cause I have no luck trying to get anything to work in Utau and OpenUtau's layout is easier for me to personally work with) and I'm still learning a lot... I was wondering how I can make Teto's growl voicebank sound good in...
  3. MoaHarbour

    Big OpenUtau issue with voicebanks not loading

    After updating to v0.1.90.0. in OpenUtau, none of the voicebanks I have work. I can't even open the dropdown menu. None of them have been deleted in the files. If you have a solution to this please tell me!
  4. Cherricaque

    Moresampler issuessss

    So.... moresampler won't work. I've used it before, worked fine, I've looked at just about every thread on here about moresampler issues and tried all the advice but it just hasn't gotten me anywhere. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I've tried different voicebanks, absolutely nothing...
  5. Juanito

    How do I un-drag the plugins from Utau????

    If you accidentally dragged a plugin or maybe something else into an open utau window then you would have encountered my struggle, but dw I figured out how to fix it. I got this problem beacuse I unzipped the plugins then dragged them into the utau, which broke them. If I put them properly into...
  6. MoaHarbour

    Favorite flag/resampler combinations?

    Getting back into classic UTAU for the first time in a while so I'm looking for some advice. What are your favorite flags to use? It would be helpful to list what each one does but I don't mind either way
  7. Nitrecint

    Moresampler refuses to work.

    Hello. I have been trying to use moresampler 8.4 for a while, it renders perfetly fine, but no vocals come out. In fact UTAU doesn't even play them at all. This only happens with moresampler, nothing else. I wish I could get it working again. Thanks in advance.
  8. B


    How do I make my own custom reclist for VCCV?
  9. B

    OREMO Capital letter...

    Oremo doesn't see the difference between Capital letters and lowercase letters. I recorded the "kla" sample and it appeared on 4 samples: kla, kLa, klA, and kLA. How do I prevent this? And is it possible to use custom voicebanks in OpenUtau?
  10. Systemイア

    Help, utau is in complete gibrish

    utau is in complete gibrish despite our PC being in Japanese and Defoko just stopped reading Japanese properly and her voice just doesn't make any sounds. How do I fix that? do I need to completely redownload Utau? I been patiently using PV, but PV is shit so.
  11. Nouillette_2.0

    Need help with Megumine Luna: Vocaloid4 Cross-Synthesis (XSY) (french noob)

    To start, you should know that English is not my mother tongue at all and that I currently use Google Translate. If what I'm saying isn't necessarily clear, please let me know! :annoyed: Some time ago I came across a very curious character, Megumine Luna...
  12. Spamaton

    Troubles with an UTAU...

    I recently downloaded an Utauloid of Sam and Max from "Sam and Max: Freelance Police" and I wanted to test it. I drew some notes randomly and they sang them. But then I tried making them use some USTs, especially covers of MARETU's song "SIU" by mimisan15 (in Japanese) and "Mind Brand" by...
  13. underscoredotpng

    Please help??? [FIXED, mostly]

    So, I recently uninstalled UTAU and when I wanted to install it back I got this error: I swear I saw a thread just like this but unfortunately can't find it again :sad: Any help would be appreciated! Edit: Fixed again! I just installed v0.4.18 but I can't get v0.4.18e to work though :/
  14. UTAUSammy

    Lost UTAU: Saundo Samuru + Saundo Saku

    Hello everyone! So this is a bit of a long shot, but 10 years ago I released two UTAU called Saundo Samuru and Saundo Saku, is there any chance anyone has my voicebanks backed up somewhere? I had them both backed up online, but the account I was using has been deleted without warning, so now...
  15. giolovesfugo

    help (꒪⌓꒪)

    so for some reason when i use japanese voicebanks, when i try to type in japanese characters it just comes out as mojibake. i changed my region and everything else to japan so im not sure what else i have to do/change. also, the pc im using is a dell/windows 10, but before i used an acer laptop...
  16. R

    Is there a way to make a voice sound just like Teto's?

    Posted this question on r/vocaloid and r/utau subreddits already, but trying to find out if you guys here would know anything I'm trying to find out if there is a way to make Teto's iconic voice using another voice, however I don't know of what effects or of what kind of processing on a voice...
  17. esperAnte

    how do i change the vocal sound in UTAUSynth?

    i'm relatively new to producing with UTAUSynth and have noticed one thing with the application: i can't make defoko say anything other than あ. i right clicked on the note and tried to paste a new vocal in and it didn't let me. i have downloaded the application from the official site and have had...
  18. Samutau

    Change notes in Utau from Romanji to Hirigana?

    SOLVED my bad ._.
  19. vlagamer

    Utauloid dont sing wav song

    ok i download open utau and i see option about wav file and insert my childhood song (red card march from alice in wonderland by visotsky) and what i see then i press start, she sing vistosky voice instead girl voice and yeas i set up her phonetic to cirylic so can you tell what i do wrong andand
  20. underscoredotpng

    SuffixBroker won't open

    Once again, a problem with SuffixBroker. Today when I got Teto's Whisper voicebank, I wanted to add a suffix to SuffixBroker so I can use Teto Whisper but it won't open. Please help!