VCV utauloid won't make sound


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i recently downloaded Darling's crazymoon voicebank and i can't hear anything. i'm using a vcv ust. i have tried a couple things but i don't remember everything i have tried, so any help anyone could offer is useful.
i can hear both cv voicebanks that i have downloaded.
i had this same issue with Gahata Meiji's voicebank, therefore i think there's just something i don't know about vcvs.


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CV lyrics are written like this: [か]][え][る][の][う][た][が]
To convert lyrics to VCV, you will need to put the vowel of each previous note in the lyric. For this example, it would look like this: [- か][a え][e る][u の][o う][u た][a が]

You can automatically convert a UST using a plugin like bizz's iroiro.

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