1. Akai Akayuki

    Akai Akayuki

    Akai often scares people off with his generally somber appearence, but in reality he is extremely kind, friendly, and loves spending time with others.
  2. PlummyPlums

    Searching For A VCV

    Hi hi everyone! I've done as much as I can on my own and I just keep coming up empty, so I've come to ask y'all: does a VCV UST of Matryoshka by Hachi exist? If so, can anyone point me towards it? I wanted to use Matsudappoiyo Strong/Soft, but those voices are both VCV only, as far as I can...
  3. partial

    Voicebank TYPO

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item TYPO. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. TYPO


    A demon of love who grants wishes to both humans and nonhumans. EXTRACTION PASSWORD: writer
  5. mystuffedpanda

    Voicebank Gully

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Gully. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Gully


    Gully is a shy quiet girl with not too many friends. She has a fish tank full of goldfish that she loves watching and wants to be a marine biologist.
  7. chiisai

    Open looking for a female / femmine voice provider

    looking for a femmine voice provider to help voice a vcv kire voice bank and a arpasing voicebank, for your help i will offer to draw, make a cover, or mix for you.
  8. Nanamiya Zeke

    I Re-new Zeke after 5 years!

    I am so excited! It's been years I've been stuck in a rut for my UTAU and now finally i got a decent mic to re-new him! I also renew his entire lore to be related to time paradox/time machine thing !!! His new VCV absolutely sounds more clearer than my old ones! I will also put effort into...
  9. Elliot Dame

    Elliot Dame

    Gender: Female Preferred Pronouns: She/They Nationality: American/Japanese Personality: Odd and intimidating, prefers being left alone. Eye color: Dull yellow. Hair color: Faded brown.
  10. Kyara


    He is a calm person who rarely says much and is pretty reserved, but he puts his all into everything he does. He gets along relatively well with people though doesnt usually have much to say. Simply being there is enough for him.
  11. MuSHiE

    【UTAUカバー 】Jigsaw puzzle 【Orenju -CLEAR】

    I am starting to like this song a lot actually! at first I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't turn out well, but it grew on me a while, and now I really like it!!
  12. Katie-Chae

    【UTAUカバー】Cynic【星本ミン/Seimoto Min】

    Cynic is such a pretty song??
  13. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Circus Monster (JPN Version)【あけこ VCV】

  14. Koko


    Koko is a sweet gentle giant. Love the quite, winter, snow, rain, moon, stars, and the night. personality: very fragile girl, normally friendly towards everyone, but can be hurt very easily. She is very passive, doesn't know too much on how to stand up for herself. Koko is extremely in tuned...
  15. Rei Tan


  16. KokoUTAU

    New to Utaforms~

    Hello guys .u. My youtube is Koko Melody My UTAU is Koko~ light airy voice. CV CVC AAAANNND CVC MULTIPITCH (KOKO [ENLIGHTEN] WILL BE COMING OUT SOON <3 currently in the process of being Oto'd! Can't wait! she'll have her very first original. please follow my youtube to keep tabs! in...
  17. chiisai

    Open Will draw / doodle for VCV oto (with base)

    I will draw in this style (link to art For your utau/oc/cover if you can help provide a VCV OTO for my one pitch utau. first come, first serve.
  18. Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora is a 17 years old high school student, they never mention their gender to anyone and loves to fake and mimic voices. They dyed their hair for a while to slightly match their odd eyes, and is never seen without their uniform. Dora is bright and cheerful, sometimes mischievous and...
  19. Min Seimoto

    Min Seimoto

    Art by Kuko Min has been a loyal butler to the stars for his entire life. Though he can't seem to remember exactly when he was born, he knows it's been a long time since. Whilst not tending to the stars, Min enjoys singing and performing, though he is still shy singing around others. His...
  20. jasmin00

    Critique Requested UTAU 7th Anniversary cover : Aino Erufu

    It is my UTAU's Aino Erufu's seventh anniversary! Happy birthday to my elf daughter, I love you sososo much and you're so important to me <3 you've helped me to go through so much ever since I was 12 ;; I'd also love to get some feedback of the cover ;v; I tried to tune it fully by myself this...