1. Astrialogical

    Voicebank Arianwen Lloyd

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  2. Astrialogical

    Arianwen Lloyd

    Pronouns: She / Her Species: Albino Raccoon Nationality: Welsh Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship: Taken by Ken Yanaki PERSONALITY: Arianwen is a shy individual who doesn't interact with people often. Because of this, she doesn't quite understand how emotions work when around other people and...
  3. Siuxess

    Yamine Renri Integrated 1.5 Randomly Went Silent Even with a VCV UST

    I was editing a VCV UST using Renri's voicebank and I decided to change the suffix through PrefixMap editor so I could use her EDGE voicebank and when I hit play, she just went silent which was quite odd. I tried to change the suffix again through SuffixBroker and once again, silent. I thought I...
  4. Gardanana

    Voicebank Nishiren Gard VCV

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  5. Nishiren Gard VCV

    Nishiren Gard VCV

    Nishiren is laid back and likes to do things at their own pace. They tend to be quieter around strangers and have a serious-looking resting face, but they emote a lot more when singing. They're always seen wearing their headphones, be it on their head or around their neck. Tends to fidget with...
  6. YURIalterΞgø

    【Ryan Moriyama・Hiraya】"DATI" Maalagang Pasko Remix【UTAU OPM Cover】

    Maligayang Pasko everyone! My latest cover is set to premiere @ 7pm (GMT+8) Have a wonderful Christmas Eve while listening to Ryan Moriyama and Hiraya sing "Dati"!
  7. Nene Tsuka

    Nene Tsuka

    Nene is learning human things while someone is helping her at the college. She's a non binary that came from the moon.She likes to eat pudding. Her gender is nonbinary Pronounce She/They/Them She have a brother that's one year younger than them. Nene's brother name is Aoi.
  8. yelo

    Tips on recording VCV?

    I have a lot of trouble recording VCV voicebanks because of three main reasons: - Short breath - Saliva ends up on my throat , making my voice sound weird, so i cough, and makes it worse, and at the end it sounds raspy - It gets uncomfortable when i'm recording so i try to lower my voice a...
  9. Viran

    OREMO Recording Package 8-mora VCV reclist + romaji OREMO-comment + guide 1.1

    This is an edit of 巽式 8モーラ連続音録音リスト (original: The download folder should be consisting of the following files: This resource comes with a guide on:
  10. cloudyyskie

    Voicebank Aika Endo (愛歌 遠藤) VCV

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  11. Aika Endo (愛歌 遠藤) VCV

    Aika Endo (愛歌 遠藤) VCV

    "Yes, the tip jar is there! I'm taking requests too!" Aika is a kind and loving young woman with a passion for singing. She works as a travelling festival singer and enjoys interacting with crowds.
  12. Big_B

    Ready Steady collab - My part so far feat. Akemi Kinko

    Hewoo guys! Well, I'm going straight to the point. So, I'm doing a collab with Pyro-P, Clouddyskie and Yokune, although it's not ready yet, I'm so proud about my tunning results so far that I want to share with you. Yes, there are a lot to do yet, like volume correction and some off pitch...
  13. bukobean

    Voicebank SAMUI (サムイ) [Deleted]

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  14. Axel☆

    Voicebank Kokoro Seta ・ココロセタ

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  15. Axel☆

    Kokoro Seta ・ココロセタ

  16. pyokiri.o

    UTAU-Synth Surfix/Prefix Broker broken?

    Hi! I never had this problem before and i am wondering if any other user who updated their Mac to Big Sur had a similar issue? After troubleshooting and finally getting the application to work I ran into a new issue. When using the Surfix/Prefix Broker to convert the UST from VCV to CV format it...
  17. feelingiconiic

    Voicebank JADE

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  18. JADE


    JADE is a vocal synthesis project using the androgynous, adolescent vocals of sixteen year old FeelingIconiic. This project is dedicated to speech and singing synthesis utilizing the English and Japanese languages, as well as the virtual vocalist character that represents this project. ■...
  19. cloudyyskie


    Not sure if I posted this in the right section, but just imagine this: You've been working on a voicebank for quite some time. You've created a character, story, everything. You mayyy have gotten kind of attached to said UTAU but that's not the point. You originally had him as a crappy CV...
  20. feelingiconiic

    What should I include in an UTAU exVOICE folder?

    Howdy, so I'm creating a private UTAU-Synth Japanese CV/VCV/CVVC voicebank, and I'd like to include an exVOICE folder, however I'm not sure of everything that I'd like to include in it. I'd like to know what Yuzuki Yukari includes in her exVOICE folder, however I haven't purchased her exVOICE...