What do you have in common with your UTAU?


Teto's Territory
Well...… Here are the things Eve and I have in common:
  • Pale skin
  • Height (5'3) and weight (102.8)
  • Horrible fashion style-
  • Goes by both Eve and another name (Eve goes by both Eve and Ivu, and I go by both Eve and Abc)
And the things that are similar, but not the same:
  • Similar last names (share 4 letters out of 8)
And.... that's where the similarities stop.
...well, other than voices, but that doesn't count 'cause I'm her voice provider


Momo's Minion
Here's mine!
Me and Maruchi (Maru as referred to) are both half and half. I'm Persian American, and my utau is Japanese American.
We both know two languages. I know Spanish and English, he knows Japanese and English.
Both of us are bi, but more feelings towards dudes.
Both of us are also furries :3


Momo's Minion
Me and my UTAU both

Like spaghetti
Dislike dark chocolate
Look way younger (My UTAU is 19 million years old because he ages a million times slower and also i look like 2 years younger than I am supposed to)
That's all
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Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko
Akatsuki is based off of the edgy female version of me, many years ago haha
Or, at least the "ideal" version of me, that I wouldve imagined myself back then.
As for Q, I'm not exactly sure. I'd probably say hes moreso based off of my older brother looks-wise, but probably more like my personality.

The whole coffee and sweets append theme is a throwback to my other alias, plus my helpless addiction to coffee. I also love baking! I used to bake and sell cakes when I lived in the south :smile:
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Teto's Territory
Onika and me
1. Voice of Onika similar to me but my real voice a bit shiller and lighter
2.Have neuter (non-binary) personality
3.Love to eat spicy foods and travelling
4.Don't like the people who have too much ego or try to being enermy
5.Think that money is super important thing in our life!! lol
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Teto's Territory
mm well
- Karou and i are both kids (and considered to be the youngest in whatever group we're in most of the time)
- Karou and i are both rather small
- Karou and i are both told that we look and/or sound like the opposite gender most of the time (which works out for me, a non-binary lmao)
- soft aesthetic ig??
- we both enjoy sleeping in
- we both enjoy a lot of savory foods or meat over a whole lot of sweets
idk yeah that's kinda it
he's a fox human creature that gets experimented on daily
there's not a lot to associate to me LOL