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Ikachou showed up in my auto fill options...I think that was one of my name ideas when I was brainstorming last year!
This is part of where my name came from (frankly, it's embarrassing). That's on mobile, so I'll probably add the computer one later


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Someone commented in Chinese School Amino that wasn't 蘋果 "an apple", not 苹果. I copy pasted because I was unfamiliar with 蘋 and find out that 蘋 is just a Traditional version of 苹. So yeah :"D

Both are right, an apple, but Traditional vs Simplified difference (lol)


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i guess i had this copied from discord? its the korean name for a group i like, toppdogg.


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dyne 智優

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4 initial - pr br tr dr kr gr fr
l initial - pl bl kl gl fl vl sl
s initial - sp st sk sf sv sm sn
w initial - pw bw tw dw kw gw fw vw sw lw mw nw
j initial - pj bj tj gj kj lj mj

m final - mp nt Nk mf ns
l final - lp lb lt ld lk lg lf lv ls lz lS lZ lm ln lJ
s final - ps bs ds ks gs fs vs rs ls ms ns
t final - pt bt dt kt gt vt st mt
k final - sk

french clusters
initial - pR tR kR bR dR gR fR vR
r final - Rp Rt Rk Rb Rd Rg Rf Rs RS Rv Rz RZ Rl Rm Rn RJ

english clusters
r initial - pr` br` tr` dr` kr` gr` fr` Sr` spr` str` skr` sfr`
l initial - spl skl
w initial - hw skw
l final - ltS ldZ lpt lps lts lst lkt
n final - ntS ndZ mpt mps Nkt Nks Ngs mfs nts ntSt
other final - St tSt dZd fts kst sks skt sts

east asian clusters
w - phw thw khw dZw tsw tshw 4j
j - phj thj khj Sj hj tSj tshj 4w
H - nH SH lH tSH tshH

... was making a reclist