whats origin behind your username?


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kamonohashi (カモノハシ) means "platypus" in Japanese. I was just looking for a somewhat long username and stumbled upon it and now it's most of my usernames.

That was my most recent name change.


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Yume (夢 / ゆめ) from the Japanese word for dream.
伟 (wěi) is chinese and the first letter /word of my first real name
So roughly translated: Grand / Great Dream
I like the word dream in Japanese and I thought It would be cool if I add a chinese word, since I'm half chinese.


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personnaly i'm french it's a long story
the username here is an error at the registration, it must be "Pikachuk"
it's the beginning, a reference to pikachu (pokemon)
and chuk is a modification of "choc" in french (impact in english)
i use it since 10 years, it's really old


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Having a one-syllable first and last name is boring, so I expanded Kim into "kimchi" and Tan was already a moe Japanese honorific of endearment. Alternatively "-chi" is another cutesy honorific for friends, so you can also call me "Kim-chi" ;D


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The origon of Darkalia is from a friend who used to speak in a slur. he as one point said "Darkness to all ya". and the way he said to was Dark all ya.
and then I stared saying it the way he did and the nickname stuck to me because I was extremely hard to see in the shadows.
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The original version of my username was "kawaii milk-chan" which was based off of the Anime "OH! Super Milk-Chan" (which is a really surreal and weird show but 13 year old me was in love with it)

and then there's my first internet username VocaloidStalker but I like to pretend that 2010 never happened


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It's a jab at apocalypse scares; I think they're humourous, in a gallows sort of way. Also, I just dig apocalyptic stuff in general, and I like being EdgyTM.


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Mine is a long story. I have a lot.
(Spoilered so no page stretching)
Iris Negai Dragonoure(my display name)
So Iris is not my actual name(as a lot of Twitters think).
I was once in a Pokemon roleplay, so I chose to be Iris(my fave character at the time). I decided to make up a full name for her. Iris(her name) Negai(from "Best Wishes," the name of the series) Dragonoure(she trains dragon types). I would name my character in the games Iris. I even made a character in Y because I had a cute style in mind. Eventually, I named myself Iris across the internet.

awesomejellystar(actual login name)
So, if anyone remembers that old game Animal Jam, you probably understand this. When you sign up, you make a username(mine was charmanderfan because I was obsessed with Pokemon) and an animal name. You can only choose from a list of words for your animal name, so mine was Awesome Jellystar because(I thought) it sounded cool. I just ended up using it for everything.

MAYU(illustrator name)
A couple years back, I had another friend going through her weeby Vocaloid phase at the same time as me. We gave each other nicknames which were literally the names of our favourite female Vocaloids at the time. Hers was Rin and mine was Mayu. On Twitter and DeviantArt, we still use the names, but I haven't physically seen her for two years(and she never left her weeb phase while I did), so I don't affiliate with her so much anymore. But I kept the name. It was special. So I used it to title my drawings.

Nancy Elsner(current VO display name)
Me and another user are GHOST superfans(well I'm Shay's Twitter friend too). She loves henry and I love Nancy. So that's just how it started.

I've got a story for my password(based around my best friend) too, but I'm not sharing that.


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It's a nickname my friends gave me...
I have a lot, but I don't know why I chose this one.


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It's my old username from when I used to roleplay Wolf's Rain/ Naruto characters on FB! (When I was like 10 and saying you were older to sign up for a social media account was cool)

Anyway, the name comes from the character Eclair Tonnerre from Ouran Highschool Host Club whom had given me inspiration to create Amber Tonnerre, Eclair's cutesy younger sister.

Eventually, I just started using it as my online handle and it's honestly just an offshoot of my other username also involving Amber (which I won't mention here since Facebook won't take down the account and it still has photos of 10 year old me)
So yeah that's about it!


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I tried to find its origins last year, but it's in the void now. I've forgotten why I chose Haichou as my username ^^;
What I do remember is writing down name ideas as fast as I could because I was on the signup page for SoundCloud and hadn't thought that far ahead. Most of them ended in "chou," and I know one of them was Ikachou: squid + butterfly. The second half of my name comes from that.
I think I plugged in random syllables until I got "hai" and said "sure, that'll work."

I used to go by Mizuiro16, too. 16 was a meaningful number to me, and I just liked the way "mizuiro" sounded.
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