What's your favorite UTAU ? Or , which UTAU( s ) have you made ?

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by DreamyUTAUuser, Jan 10, 2021.

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    I'm curious , I want to know .

    I don't have an UTAU , so my favorite would have to be either Ruko Yokune or Fushi Murasaki .
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    I don't really have a favourite, I just love them all ^o^
    I've made 5 utau! They are:
    Hana-chan: She was my first utau. She's basically just me as an utau. Her trademark item is a balloon, and her trademark colours are red and white. She's a girl who is always daydreaming. She is often described as scatter-brained. She has no specific age as she ages with me. Her VB is
    Gustav: He's a cute tornado with a kawaii face!! UWU He's super clumsy, mischievous and has a twisted sense of humour, but he is very friendly and careful to nice people. His favourite food is pine trees! His VB is cute and funny. (I was going for a howling wind sound but Idk what it sounds like yet x3)
    Kuusou Yukiko: He's an albino ghost who has a sad backstory. He made himself into a ghost to escape his mother's abuse. He has been stuck at the age of 15 for years as he was 15 at the time of his death. His trademark colours are white and blue. And he always carries a bottle of sun screen with him. He is soft-spoken, and quite cowardly but is secretly very talented although he doesn't know it. His VB is boyish and soft. I'm thinking of making a power append for him as well.
    Yukiyashi Sakagoa: He is an average seventeen year old guy. He is Naoki's brother. He is super shy and geeky, and loves anime and video games. He also loves sweet food. Yukiyashi is described as super kind and also a little awkward. His VB is more like a guy's voice.
    Naoki Sakagoa: Naoki is Yukiyashi's sister. She's 14. She is cheerful, bubbly, and innocent. She is full of energy and loves the colour pink, particularly paired with white or cyan. She's also considered childish and she can be sensitive. Her VB is childlike and cute.
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