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UST ARPAsing UST Directory 201105

Please visit the website for the most up-to-date collection of ARPAsing USTs.
This UST contains all possible phonemes that Moresampler can automatically configure. It contains every possible "official" Arpasing transition, so you can make sure your voicebank has them all.
Rehosted a file from VocalSynth Drive to Keybase.
The "stranded" test UST has a new, functional download link. The following USTs need updated download links.
  • -ERROR
  • Busted!
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • My Favorite Time of Year
Song by KIRA
UST by wasureru.
VocalSynth Cloud is moving from to, so all VSC links have been updated. If your UST is on VSC and you've shared the link in other places, please update those posts as well.
Spider on the Wall by GHOST
UST by Kyaramel (Zansatsu)

Misery Addict by Kyaramel

Leave it All to Me by Miranda Cosgrove
UST by Mikitanii
Song by VerseQuence
UST by cocoacacao
Song by livetune
UST by trinkhk