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Axfc Uploading/Downloading Tutorial

Are you all sick of me posting tutorials yet? =7=

Feel free to watch on YouTube/Fullscreen to catch all the text if you want.

[UTAU-Related Tutorial] How to Upload/Download on Axfc

Copy/paste of the description:

Hey everyone! Shinami here, actually with a video! *le gasp*
(If you're worried about how I've been neglecting my UTAUs, I am too - a video is in the works and I'm mixing others. Also, I promise to watch and comment on the video I missed in my two month hiatus.)

If you can't tell, I had to rerecord some lines. My microphone had spazz attacks or something at those spots. D':

So, this was made when two things happened:
-UTAU Community goes in panic-mode over MegaUpload's death and the possibility of more uploading sites, like Mediafire, 4shared, and more, going down
-I learned that apparently not many people know how to upload or even download off of Axfc despite it being a staple of the Japanese community

I decided to fix all that by giving you all an alternative and teaching you how to use it. Hope this tutorial was helpful!

Remember, the site is
but the actual uploaders are derivatives I show how to get to in my video.
It's an all Japanese site, and remember, I recommend just doing on the regular Japanese page, NOT a Google Translate version.

Feel free to leave any questions or concerns in the comment section, and I'll be sure to get back to you and help however I can!

(That means feel free to reply here as well~)
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