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Standard-Style VCV Tutorial

Transfered over from the old forum. [Orignal old thread]

There's probably another tutorial just like this on the internet, but I thought I'd give a shot at explaining to people how to do VCV.

Please watch full screen cause I'm a derp and left the UTAU window small half the time.

UTAU Tutorial - How to do VCVs the easy way

(Copy pasta of the video description)

I did this tutorial for people on UTAForum since loads always have trouble understanding how to do VCV otos - admittedly, while there are many tutorials, most are really confusing. I hope mine is simple enough.

This tutorial isn't for people who haven't a clue what VCV is, or how to use UTAU for that matter. I force you to make a couple assumptions, for which I apologize, but really, if you want to do VCV you need to do your research and understand what you're doing.

This is standard voicebank starting and otoing procedure for VCV banks. A tutorial for specialized otoing is linked below, but please have a sense of what you're doing before you follow it.

Please note I myself am admittedly a bit new to VCV. If I am wrong on something, please tell me.

Helpful links:
A history/explanation of VCVs: UtaForum VCV Study (20/11/10, History of VCVs)
Advanced, custom VCV otoing tutorial: 【UTAU】 連続音/VCV Oto.ini - The Uniform Way 【TUTORIAL】
UTAU Plugins Tutorial: UTAU Plugins Tutorial by shinamiEBA on deviantART
CV to VCV plugin: 遊牧式電気的交換所 | ダウンロード |
VCV to CV plugin: 遊牧式電気的交換所 | ダウンロード |
UTAU user manual: UTAU User Manual - UTAU wiki
utauColors: utauColors
UST Converter: The Essential UTAU Toolkit - ::Fuzzle-san UTAU::
Reclist directory: Reclist Directory
(More reclists are available throughout the Tutorials section of the forum)

Good VBs to copy otos from:
7-mora Hiragana
Sorane Rana: - free file sharing and storage
Namine Ritsu (Strong 1.5 oto): oto - Download - 4shared
(Ritsu's 1.5.1 otos are now sorta unsuited for this. I have uploaded Ritsu's old 1.5 otos for you to use. To listen to the strings/go by them, download 1.5.1 here: Google Translate )
5-mora Hiragana
Sukone Tei: (pass: tei)
5-mora Romaji
Baionoto Kenji: Kenji Baionoto ACT 1.7 VCV
7-mora encoded in romaji isn't really done.
There are other #-mora, but 5 and 7 are the most widely used and easiest.
Note that neither Tei or Kenji are complete. I really need to get off my lazy butt and find better banks to link to...

To get rid of extra oto items, such as Rana's Hanamogeras, go to the oto editor, right click on an oto, click the last option (With English patch, "select multi"), select all the uneeded otos by either holding down ctrl and selecting each or click the first then hold down shift and click the last, and then right click and hit the fourth one down, "delete".

Note that, if you aren't in Japanese locale, you're going to either have to do 7-mora romaji from scratch, find a 7-mora UTAU and redo the otos since most are custom otoing, or copy a 5-mora romaji if you want to take the oto copy shortcut.

Feel free to ask questions if you didn't understand something or had trouble with a link, getting a voicebank, doing something I showed you, etc.
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