Onyx CVC Multilingual Tripitch 1.0

female multilingual tripitch. German, English, French and Japanese specific recordings

  1. Sylveranty
    .rar download size: 662 MB.
    Actual voicebank size: 1.35 GB

    Tripitch Multilingual CVC Voicebank
    Pitches: A3, D4, G4
    The D4 pitch has additional recordings. The Japanese pitches are the main pitches of her Japanese voicebank.

    Onyx has specific recordings for German, French, English and Japanese. With the combination of these, additional languages should be possible.

    .txt file for the Japanese recordings to use for Delta's autocvvc plugin is included.

    Wanna know what phonemes she has? Take a look at these files. They are also included in her folder. Her Japanese recordings are not considered in these charts.
    An IPA based chart:

    Example words for these phonemes:

    To see how she is used, please take a look at my German USTs for "Weißer Schnee":

    Here's an acapella of Onyx singing "Weißer Schnee" by regulus in German.

    This English cover of PianoBench's "The Girl in the Rift" is a bit older, but the only thing that really changed since then is that Onyx has now three pitches instead of one.