1. Nythoma

    「UTAU Cover」 Who? (English Version) ft. Thoma

  2. Nythoma

    「UTAU arpasing[+] Release」 Angry ft. Thoma + UST / MIDI

  3. Thehyami

    English Kye, Otaku Ki, Pazzh - Summer Love (One Direction)

    This cover uses 4 different reclist: Pazzh = Cz's VCCV Kye = Arpasing Otaku Ki = Delta Mine = CV English
  4. amalgamidol

    How to configure a Delta-style English oto.ini 1.0

    I've translated Delta's guide for oto-ing Delta-style English banks. Thought this might be useful because it explains the core concepts for oto-ing UTAU English in a way that's much more understandable to me than other guides. Plus, Peiton ENG is based directly on Delta's formatting and it's a...
  5. ShortKing

    Voicebank Fukane Amai

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Fukane Amai. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. ShortKing

    Fukane Amai

  7. Thehyami

    WIP English CV - You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift)

    I really love how this one turned out! :D This is a work in progress, I'll post the full version on my YouTube channel. I'm not a native speaker of English, so pardon the accent ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
  8. D

    Voicebank eseph

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item eseph. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. eseph


    A mysterious android from an unknown land. It is believed that he is from a world where androids are very commonplace. Eseph himself seems to be built for music instruction, but has an odd voice resulting from a defect. He is extremely curious and impressionable, though becomes anxious easily...
  10. Kiyoteru

    Adjusted presamp.ini for Kasane Teto English 1.7

    You can type the phonemes for a whole syllable into one note, without needing to manually split up the note yourself. Sample audio: https://keybase.pub/adlez27/resource/Teto%20English%20Presamp/sample.mp3 Download the sample UST and see it in action...
  11. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    How to make a Japanese Vocaloid pronounce an english R

    I heard some amazing covers lately, and heard one of Galaco singing Plastic Love and her pronunciation for english words were amazing, and on soundcloud I heard Iroha pronounce the letter r perfectly on a english cover
  12. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Make japanese utau's pseudo-english run more smoothly?

    So I have a japanese-only utau (Maiko) and I can't find a japanese translation of the song I want to cover. So I'm trying to make the utau sound like it's singing in english even though it is not. How do I make the transition sound smoother and the pseudo-english more accurate? So image of what...
  13. chiisai

    Open looking for a female / femmine voice provider

    looking for a femmine voice provider to help voice a vcv kire voice bank and a arpasing voicebank, for your help i will offer to draw, make a cover, or mix for you.
  14. Zero (uv0)

    Zero (uv0)

    An androgynous voice recorded with my mic on high sensitivity that was supposed to be a joke voicebank but kinda failed you can also call her Pluto, same way UV1 is "Uriah" and UV2 is "Vida"
  15. Kiyoteru

    OREMO Recording Package Delta English -

  16. Rei Nintone ODYSSEY

    Rei Nintone ODYSSEY

    CHARACTER INFORMATION: Personality: Rei is an android with a passion for anything and everything Nintendo. Her love for games are as prominent as the buttons on her dress! Complimented with her rather easygoing and bright personality, she sings in hopes that someone will come to enjoy video...
  17. D

    Open Looking for an English voicebank for cover

    I am trying to make an English version of a recently released song. I already have the .ust and lyrics made, but none of the English vocals I currently own are getting me a sound from it that I particularly enjoy. So, I'm looking for suggestions. It doesn't have to be your own UTAU ( though it...
  18. Rei-Chan

    Dynamite ft. Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY [UTAU DEMO]

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming to my first ever premier! I am super excited to show off Reicheru's first ever English voicebank! Recording was absulutly horrible, but the fact that I actually finished has certainly made this voicebank something special, and I hope to share it with...