A feminine vocal with a strong lower range

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Gender: Nonbinary (any pronouns)
Personal pronoun: changes often (僕, 俺, あたし, etc)
Second-person pronoun: 君 (kimi and -kun)
Profession: Hacker
Bio: A laid-back person who takes things at her own pace. Night owl. Recently, a friend got her really into fishing.

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  1. Japanese
Tomiyo is my main (and probably only) UTAU. I plan to release an English bank and hopefully some appends in the future! :smile: For now, though...

一三夜 natural v1.0 (Demo)
A feminine vocal with a solid low range. She has a west coast American accent that is more prominent on her higher pitches.

- Japanese CVVC lite
- 5 pitches | F3/A3/C#4/F4/A4 Falsetto
- Recommended resamplers: doppeltler, fresamp11/12
- Extras:
   natural ends (a - or a R)
   end breaths (a hh or a 息)
   glottal stops (・ あ | a ・)
   English Ls (ラ | a l)
   English Rs (rラ | a rr)
   exVOICE, breath sounds

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works
Permission Not Required
Character Commercial Use
Permission Required
Voicebank Commercial Use
Permission Required
Derivative Characters or Voicebanks
- UTAU Voice Library Series "TOMIYO" Terms of Service -

■ Attribution:
You must write the name "Tomiyo" or "一三夜" somewhere on your post when using this voicebank.
As well, please include the author's Twitter account (@amalgamidol) or website ( somewhere on your post.

■ Character/Usage:
Sexual or violent content: OK (Please tag R18 content properly)
Shipping with other characters (GL/BL/HL): OK
Political or religious activities: ✕
Songs with light political or religious themes are okay. Tomiyo cannot be used to promote or criticize specific religions.
Do not use Tomiyo to create bigoted or otherwise harmful content.
Do not create derivative characters using Tomiyo's design or voice.

■ Files:
You can edit this voicebank's audio and any configuration files (oto.ini, frq, etc.) freely.
You can redistribute part or all of this voicebank's files, as long as:
∙ You do not claim ownership of it
∙ The readme and ToS files are left unedited
∙ You clearly state any changes made
I would appreciate if you contact me when redistributing, but it isn't required.
Using Tomiyo's files in singing software that isn't UTAU is OK (Cadencii, DeepVocal, etc.)
Do not use Tomiyo's raw voicebank samples for things unrelated to singing software.
"exVOICE" and "illust" files are OK to use in any project involving Tomiyo.

Contact me for permission first if you want to:
∙ use Tomiyo in games or game mods
∙ use Tomiyo in dojin or commercial works (monetized YouTube uploads are OK without permission)


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