cvvc japanese

  1. Stella☆stara


    Name (stage name): Stella☆Stara Real name: Salla Sikala (サッラ・スィカラ), Salla is given name Animal: Pig Gender: Female (transgender MtF) Catch phrase: “Dream big, work hard!” Personality: Usually nice and bubbling person, but becomes scary if anyone comment something negative about her...
  2. Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya was born to an angel father and a demon mother. While his parents are outgoing and boisterous, Hinaya has always been reserved and not emotive. He was raised in a wealthy household, but was taught to be humble, and thus became generous and polite. Hinaya requested to venture into the...
  3. Paris Carlisle

    Paris Carlisle

    Paris was constructed by a company in the 1950s to be a butler robot. He was set up to be advertised as a perfect mechanical servant, programmed with a pleasant, calm demeanor and motherly tone. However, Paris was the only prototype to be made, as the company ran into problems getting...
  4. Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal

    Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal

    Katsumi is a 20 year girl with a soprano. Despite the age she is much higher than most adult Utaus. She isn't as friendly as her younger counter part but isn't an unpleasant person. Although she can find loud and energetic people like her younger counter part to be annoying ironically enough.
  5. Susumu Abe

    Susumu Abe

    Susumu was born to highly conservative Christian parents in the suburbs of California. Susumu had many restrictions growing up, and he fought to bypass them all the time. He found solace in programs on VH1 and MTV, and music that his friends introduced him to. When Susumu was 16, he discovered...
  6. Souma Kagyakune

    Souma Kagyakune

    Souma is a Japanese orphan who lost his parents in a house fire when he was 4 years old. He was taken to the closest orphanage in New Orleans, and was cared for by a woman named Carla Kassamali. Under her care, he learned many things about Voodoo, and her knowledge was passed onto him. He...
  7. Miyuki Masara

    Miyuki Masara

    Miyuki was born to Hayate and Hanae Masara on the planet Zecersonia on January 12, 1997 (in Earth years of course). Miyuki is part of the Zecersonian royal family, and has an elevated position in its society. She excelled in academics and became especially interested in space exploration and...
  8. Endo Hikizanne

    Endo Hikizanne

  9. Ryuuta Kaine

    Ryuuta Kaine

    Kaien Ryuuta's Profile Personality: God-like personality/Mischievous personality Weight: 43kg Height: 1,57cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Brother Figure), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Tagane Sora(Friend), Lilia(Friend), Kurokiba-kun(Slave/pupil), Kaine Zaoto(older Brother), Honne...
  10. Daigo


    Daigo's Profile Personality: Brotherly Weight: 64kg Height: 1,79cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Friend/Rival), Kaine Zaoto(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Tagane Sora(Friend), Lilia(Friend/Love interest), Kurokiba-kun(Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Friend), Honne Kami(Friend), Zoe(Friend). Background Story...
  11. Tori Tagane

    Tori Tagane

    Tagane Tori's Profile Personality: Relaxed (people think too relaxed) Weight: 65kg Height: 1,73cm Relations: Tagane Sora(Little Sister), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Kaine Zaoto(Friend), Lilia(Friend), Kurokiba-kun(Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Friend), Honne Kami(Friend), Zoe(he thinks she's...
  12. Tagane Sora

    Tagane Sora

    Tagane Sora's Profile Personality: Joyful Weight: 54kg Height: 1,69cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Older Brother), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend/Jealous), Kaine Zaoto(Friend), Lilia(Friend/Jealous), Kurokiba-kun(Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Friend), Honne Kami(Friend/Jealous), Zoe(Friend/Jealous)...
  13. delphic

    【Kikyuune Aiko】乙女解剖 (Otome Dissection)【UTAUカバー】

    I released a new UST and used again Kikyuune Aiko! Please, enjoy the cover!
  14. Lizzy

    how do you alias and oto a cvvc? and how does cvvc work in general? XD

    so, I recorded a cvvc voiceband on OREMO many months ago but I have no clue how to oto nor how the alias work for a cvvc. I only know how CV works. My UTAU is Ryuusei Luna btw. I decided to look at other cvvc voicebanks and I noticed that they have a folder for a specific pitch. Which brings...
  15. SuikaProject

    Can CVVC / CV-VC support Multiple-pitches?

    I'm new from this website, so greetings to you all I'm not sure if everybody had that problem, but I need to post this So I've been working on UTAU a while ago, and I know how to make a voicebank in proper way (by myself.) My voicebank is just a test of CVVC with multiple pitches (It only...
  16. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko CVVC Pack -GhostDust-

    This a test of a 9 pitched CVVC VB to be included in a CVVC pack called -GhostDust-. The following expressions will be included: Natural, Cute, Sweet, Dusk, Mellow, DustWhisper, Cold(Tension), Power,Soft and Whisper with each expression containing 9 pitches. (A total of 90 pitches in all) The...
  17. Rice Life

    Is cvvc Useless or pointless,? if it's not english

    So i got done a cvvc Japanese vb , and all usts are either cv or vcv and cvvc ust for japanese there are none, i can't convert the usts or anything i tried and,.. how would you put hiragana aliases would you match exactly what is in Romaji like Aiueo into あいうえお or like space it out is cvvc...
  18. Shin'nosuke Hankyo

    Shin'nosuke Hankyo

    A polite but extremely honest person. His honesty gets to the point of annoyance. With huge amounts of patience, and a cartoon-esque sense of justice. Seen as a reliable, but somewhat flaky older brother figure, very caring of his fellow units. CVVC (Re:ACT):
  19. legolasorbraceface

    Akane Etsuko

    Akane is a cyborg who has a robotic spine and synthetic vocal organs. She has always wanted to sing for a living. She is normally naive and kind to everyone, but she can also be sarcastic and irritable.
  20. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】Rolling Girl

    Hi all! I am actually proud of my Potato here! She do the scream and the sing! Credits: Song:WOWAKA FT Hatsune Miku Ust/tuning: @renjitakuma Scream ust: @kimchi UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Tripitch mix: @fuyushinju Art: Herzig