1. sunken_lilies

    how to save a voisona file as .ccs instead of .tssln?

    i've seen one other post about this, though the solution given there was to use "export" or "save as". the option to save as .ccs does not show up for me when i try these!! it will either save as .wav or .tssln. i am trying to provide some vocal data for others, and my intention is to provide...
  2. D

    News HIPPI, aka "H"

    So, 1st Place finally revealed the name of the elusive "H" character. For those who are unaware, "H" was a vocal that 1st Place announced for VOCALOID4 back during one of IA and ONE's anniversary events back in 2016. However, they told us practically nothing about it other than it would be a...
  3. Kazumimi

    Multi-Synth Vocal Synth Voice Characteristics

    Hello, good people of Utaforum! I had started a thread on Vocaverse a while back documenting the traits of the various voices available for voice synths. I've had a lot of input from others on VVN, so I though I ought to share it on here, too. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their...
  4. marshmink

    IA English C Starter Pack dl purchase????

    I'm looking into buying IA English C, but I don't have the CeVIO editor standalone. There is a downloadable purchase of IA Eng on the website, but I cannot find one with the editor. I would try to buy the physical copy, but there isn't an option I can find that lets you ship it outside of Japan...
  5. Puppy

    Cevio animo

  6. Ant0n

    English Patch?

    Does english patch for CeVIO exist? I started Using cevio so. I don't understand Japanese.
  7. Mougeki Mero

    COVER-Tokyo Teddy Bear ft. ONE +CCS

    Enjoy c:
  8. Mougeki Mero

    Moving Synths ( VOCALOID, UTAU, CeVio, and other programs too)

    So, thung is I got a new pc. I am not an expert at messing around on the PC, but I'd like to move my files and programs to this new pc. The files would be pretty much taking an external drive to move the files from one PC to another (like the VBs of UTAU). However, I would need to move some...
  9. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Cover] VOCALOID Box vol. 1~Medley (ft. 53 UTAU, 4 VOCALOIDs and 1 CeVio)

    Enjoy c:
  10. luiysia

    CeVio vs GTranslate?

    does anyone know if the engines used in cevio and google translate are the same or similar? I vaguely remember reading this on some shady internet forum somewhere (it might have been here, actually), and that it was similar to world4utau, but I can't find any other information on this. does...
  11. kimchi-tan

    [Pitched-down Sasara Sato] ARROW [CeVIO cover]

    This was originally a joke but I liked how the mixing turned out so here
  12. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Recommend songs to cover with Yuudai please :)

    So I want to cover a lot of songs using Yuudai's vb, can anyone recommend any covers or songs to cover? Here's some of my covers
  13. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️


    I am joining the Hajime Ni Cover Train I suck at Mixing so Sorry if Vocals are too low or too high I haven't done a cover for CeVIO in a while I hope everyone likes this cover of Yuudai, The CCS was between Easy/Hard (Medium) SInce the notes can't be made small so this is when the TMG got...
  14. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    【CeVIO】 Viva La Vida -WIP- 【Yuudai Shirosaki】

    Before I go on to a whole hiatus on making english vb's and vcv vb's I wanna release a CCS file so everyone can use it. Here's my WIP in Viva La Vida P.S here's acapella version
  15. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Will anyone Render Last Night Good Night with Kasumi?

    So I don't usually hand out my CCS files but this time i'll give out the second half of the song to the person who's willing to render Kasumi's part, of course I will mix everything and credit you, you just need to export the wav file and send it to me via email thank you very much and if you...
  16. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    VOCALOID 3, NIAONiao, UTAU, CeVIO, Namewave, Cadencii Windows 10 review

    So i recently updated to Windows 10 So here's my review on how VOCALOID 3, UTAU, and CeVIO works So first of all all three of them works fine to me I haven't encountered a problem yet but for VOCALOID 3 the audio went from nicely high to really low, The rendering is kinda ok, but it's just...
  17. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Shirosaki Yuudai「null」CeVIOカバー

    FINALLY I MADE A NEW CEVIO COVER XDDDD This CCS file was really tedious to use and I hated how it doesn't has a quantize off feature in it, but after all that hard work this CCS was a success ^^
  18. Xuu

    Midorizaki Kasumi「Apriloop」CeVIOカバー

    I love this song so much, Natter got Kasumi, she fits it, and thus a cover was born. ust: Pancake song: nekobolo mix: me kasumi: XING Inc. render: Natter
  19. Xuu

    Kizaki Airi「Aimai na Reversi」CeVIOカバー

    I also did a version with her "genderbend" that I made by accident, Shisaki Iyasato: Uchuu-nyan – Reversi-iyasato I hope you like this!! I should have a new sound card on monday so I can start doing covers again~ UST: Dorkos Song: tilt-six Mix: Me Kizaki Airi: XING Inc.
  20. Xuu

    Kizaki Airi「Logic Agent」 CeVIOカバー

    I used Airi again!!