Chance Multilanguage Reclist 2024 + oto

OREMO Recording Package Chance Multilanguage Reclist 2024 + oto update 2024 - v2

Last update: 22/06/2024​


About the Chance Reclist​

Chance Reclist by Nexys4t in collaboration with Altericide
Please credit Nexys4t, NaiveDesla and/or Altericide for this reclist.

The Chance Reclist is a multilanguage reclist with support for Japanese, Spanish, English and made-up language. It aims for maximum compatibility and creativity for those who are not good at phonetics.

The first versions appeared around 2021 with Heccan's voicebank. The reclist was made for personal purposes, however it was adapted and released for public usage.
Now, with a renewed reclist, the 2024 is avalaible for download and usage!

The reclist package includes:​

- Readme with details
- Base oto.ini
- Oremo-ready version of Reclist
- A list of future additions that are not included in the oto.ini
- Pronunciation guides for each phoneme

If using the base oto.ini, remember to adjust to your voicebank.
oto.ini contains standalone consonants for ending consonants (c-) and adaptable consonants (-c).

The reclist will probably need manual editing of UST.


Download Links​

- Recording Package (.zip file)
- Recording Package (.rar file)
- Google Drive Folder of Reclist (unzipped)


List of related resources & links​

- Nexys4t's social media links
- Altericide Early Access Website
- NaiveDesla Official Website
- Nexys4t's UTAU resources

Dictionaries for OpenUTAU​

(not available yet)
- Spanish
- English
- Japanese

A demostration voicebank is provided by Altericide:​

- AC [Roulette]
UTAU Fandom Wiki Link
Altericide's Early Access Website
-NOTE: Voicebank is available for OpenUTAU and UTAU.

Testing USTs​

(not available yet)

Samples of reclist usage​

- Propaganda - English Test
First release
Last update
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