help needed

  1. peap0dss

    Silent utau when i try to play a ust

    Hi, im new to utau and don't understand it very well. My utau has been completely silent when i try to play usts but when i newly inserted notes it plays, how can i fix this?
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Scroll bars disappeared

    Title is pretty self-explanatory. The scroll bars have suddenly disappeared on UTAU, and I'm not sure how to recover them. I simply restarted my computer, and once it was done, I opened UTAU, and suddenly, they were gone, they're just totally white now, and nothing happens when I click where...
  3. UsoppFanGirl

    Need help with a vcv bank! Sounds repeating themselves

    so ive got my vb with all the recorded files, and im in the process of oto'ing it. right now, i oto'd "o ば" and when it plays, the sound comes out as "ba ba" and not just "ba." any help? i can send screenshots of what im doing if neccesary.
  4. Oakythen

    Help! Utau sounds really horrible?

    Hello! I've come on this thread today to try and figure out how I can fix this issue! I've been working on a CVVC multi-pitch bank for a while, and everything was going well until I recorded the other pitches. For some reason it sounds really demonic and scratchy? Even after I've regenerated the...
  5. H

    How do I install Sinsy?

    First of all - don't tell me just to use the online demo, I need an offline version. I tried downloading it from SourceForge and from here. I created a virtual machine with Ubuntu on it for that exact reason. The thing is, I have no idea how to install stuff on Ubuntu since I always use Windows...
  6. L

    My utau won't open..

    Help! I don't know where to 'open' utau! all i have is the install file, then it says I have finished install already, but the file is no where to be seen?
  7. UsoppFanGirl

    Help! My .wav files arent being read!

    Ive never come across this problem before, but essentially ive taken some sound clips and exported them as .wav files in audacity. yes they are microsoft 16-bit samples. I moved them to my voicebank's folder, then opened up UTAU like normal and had the VB play the new notes, except nothing came...
  8. UsoppFanGirl

    Need Help For a Jinriki VB

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a...
  9. MunashiiMuu

    vb help needed

    Hello again~ Though I should probably make this here. I need a bit of help with UTAU, I downloaded two vbs off here and neither of them worked. Uta works, and can sing on UTAU, but the two I downloaded didn't, their samples would load, and I could hear them. I thought my first issue was the...
  10. H

    Cadencii is completely silent

    I tried following this tutorial (I used Momone Momo's vb), but Cadencii just won't sing. How do I fix this?
  11. H

    Where can I download/buy Vocaloid1?

    I've found download links for V1 voicebanks but I can't find the editor itself. I also tried looking for a way to buy it, to no avail. Does anyone know where can I download/buy the Vocaloid1 editor?
  12. H

    Custom Neutrino VB?

    I know there's another thread about this, but the only answer was just links to some weird softwares without a tutorial or even a description of what they're for. Are there any softwares that can convert VBs to Neutrino Models? And also - is there a way to make them in languages other than...
  13. Seadust

    I want to create a VOICEROID-UTAU like VocalSynth...But I'd need help!

    Hello! I'm Seadust! I'm new here and I have a big project in mind.. I desire to create a freeware program that let's you make a Talkloid ! I have plans to add inotations like VOICEROID too and maybe a possible detailed inotation editor where you can get the exact flocculation you want. Also...
  14. MyuuSik

    Help needed!

    Hello everyone! I recently started working on a new Japanese CVVC Voicebank for my UTAU Yuuki Daiko. I finished recordings yesterday, using a newly bought BM800 Microphone*. I didn't rely on a Phantom Power though, which is mentioned in the instructions manual and my friends taught me about...
  15. Yoxiteru

    New to Utau and could use some help!

    Hello, I am very new to Utau and have been running into some issues with the program. Here's my problem: Every time I type a Japanese character into the lyrics box, it comes out as "???" I have followed the installation instructions to a T and set my region as Japan before installing Utau, but...
  16. Ari

    Defoko has zero files?

    Hello, I am extremely new to UTAU so I've been following Yuunarii's tutorials on Youtube. I've already downloaded the necessary plug-ins, such as the Roman to Kana converter so Defoko can - theoretically - read the text. My computer can also read Japanese, so nothing is gibberish and Kana...
  17. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues (strained sounds/silent notes for no particular reason)?

    Okay, so I'm making my first UTAU VB for public release - a multipitch VCV voicebank. After finishing the base pitch (C4), I decided to test it, noticed I was having issues with audio peaking (which reduces the audio quality), rerecorded and re-oto'd the appropriate samples, and then tested it...
  18. Hikien

    High notes being skiped by Moresamp

    Okay, so my voicebank, though incomplete, is a tri-pitched VCV voicebank in Japanese and when I try to render a UST with moresamp, all of the higher notes just don't play at all, I wonder what I should do? I use audacity and I record at Hz 44100 Oh and uh.... hello! I'm new here
  19. Alice

    Utau Help- Ust sounds funny no matter what I do

    Okay so I'm trying to cover Magnet. I'm using an ust from someone and before it sounded just fine. Then I tried to do Lukas part with Tei. She sounded fine but I wanted to see if a different utau would sound better with Mikus part so I did that, this is where my problem starts. No matter what...
  20. Litrex

    Failed to render wav file

    Hi, I've been having trouble rendering wav files of any kind with any resampler, even the default one. It's been fine since today, and its been driving me crazy. I hope someone has a solution to this. :(