help needed

  1. E.Bear

    Presamp help

    First time posting here, so hi lmao I've tried to download and install presamp. I've followed the install instructions, and I've downloaded the Chinese setlist (I'm trying to use it for Xia Yao Yu) but it just gives me a black screen with writing (I can't get a picture) and says failed to...
  2. Uncommon-Aura

    Tips For Recording Mature Female Soprano Voice?

    For my main UTAUloid, I used my speaking voice, which is a medium to low pitch, with a little gravel to it. But I want to make a second UTAUloid who uses my actual singing voice, which is high and clear. Basically a mature soprano sound. Every time I try to create this however, I either get...
  3. OfficialR Productions

    Moresampler doesn't play anything anymore, UTAU randomly reset

    earlier today, about 2 am i was using UTAU just fine and everything was working perfectly, but i just got on my computer and opened up UTAU and it's reset. my UTAU colors are gone, and moresampler will not play anything. the default resampler works just fine. has UTAU randomly reset on anyone??
  4. Otakuu

    Utau AutoTuning Glitch

    HELP! I was making a ust for a meme, and all of a sudden i make a new blank ust, When I place a note it links to the other one via pitch bend, and refuses to move making me have to start over. Is there a fix? I'm not reinstalling utau. It was a pain and I'm not doing that again. Example...
  5. marshmink

    (URGENT) Voiceroid activation

    I NEED HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BOUGHT AND INSTALLED/ACTIVATED A VOICEROID BEFORE!!! A friend of mine gave me their copy of Minase Kou. I have the Activation Code, but when I do the Offline Activation it is asking for an .id file that I don't know what is or where to find it. 1st part of the...
  6. Ako Sugawara

    SetParam Oto Help (Waveform not showing*)

    Heya y'all! So I am attempting to oto my newly recorded VCV voicebanks on SetParam and I am encountering some issues when otoing. In essence, the waveform is not showing on screen when I attempt to oto (I have enabled it but there is no waveform on the line). I have otoed VCV voicebanks before...
  7. Redbunny

    Utau's not singing some notes

    I'm having some problems with UST's I've downloaded of 'Ai aru no kanchigai' aka 'A Mistaken Belief of Love' I'm having this problem so far with Keine Ron and Sueda Kiza, with Ron he won't sing the first two sets of notes and he'll only start singing at about halfway-ish into the second set of...
  8. Redbunny

    Um hi...i need help with using utau

    So I'm completely new to this since I just got a laptop and it's windows 10, I've downloaded UTAU but I' don't know how to fix anything I have Voicebanks and USTs that I've imported from my hard drive but all the voicebanks are in gibberish and I can't use them. I've tried following this...
  9. xshugarrx

    Breath files in Ruko's male KIRE bank = confusing

    Hey all; So there's something in his (yes, that's how I refer to Ruko, let's not start "the war") voicebank folder that's always made me go "wut" and "how do use" It's the "ブレス等"folder, or, "Breaths, etc." It's all different types of breathy vowels, and, one consonant sound. Most labeled like...
  10. |itre|0id

    I have a question

    Is it possible to convert a cvvc english ust to a vcv japanese one? I'm trying to do a cover of BIOHAZARD by Studio VOXYZ. If not, is it possible to convert it to engrish for japanese voicebanks?
  11. I

    Mawarine Shuu has some issues...

    For some reason he sounds super wheezy/metallic and i don't know how to fix it
  12. vlbonnie

    WIP Critique Requested バツ猫/XxX Cat (Short) English Cover ft. Sonata

    An attempt was made. Original VCV .ust by Conslo, MS Paint ""art"" by moi
  13. L

    Howdy, I'm very new and in need of assistance... Sound Issues...

    Ok... So I installed UTAU about a day or so ago and I kinda figured out how to work it (For the most part.) But I have a soft spot for Teto's vocals. here's my issue. I can get the default vocals to sing but Teto remains silent. No matter what I do, Teto specifically will not make any sounds...
  14. Gin-Kaido

    Can You Replace Your UTAU Voicer with Another Voicer?

    Hello, I want to ask something and this is very important to me. So I have a problem with my UTAU voicers, actually this problem has happened a long time ago where we fought because she gave me a design that she copied from someone else and at that time we decided not to be friends until...
  15. P

    Problems with Initiating frequency maps

    I'm a new user of Utau and had just finished recording a cv voicebank. So Whenever I try to Initialize the frequency map it always shows this error, any reasons to why this is happening? (this is just a test vb btw)
  16. AnimeaSPrin

    Open ->MANY<- UTAU's needed, Medley. VCV ONLY!

    Hey guys! Sooooo.. As a end of summer and me leaving thingy I thought it'd be cool to do a UTAU medley! Keep in mind, I DID NOT MAKE THIS UST. But anyways, this is VCV! So, I will have a list below. The list will contain songs and part you can claim. ->You may claim multiple!<- The amount...
  17. HotGrenade

    Guide to Suffix and Prefix editing?

    Anyone know a guide to suffix and prefix editing? I've been searching the web and haven't found anything unfortunately. (Found out that Mawarine Shuu's strange metallic sound had something to do with his Suffix's, but unfortunately im lost as to what to do)
  18. HotGrenade

    Strange Metallic Sound with Mawarine Shuu

    (Just realised there was a help section, so i'm reposting this here.) Firstly, I would like to say that I am a complete and utter noob to UTAU. I am moderately familiar with Vocaloid 4 Editor, so I do understand the basics of UTAU. (I have also switched my system locale to Japan, so everything...
  19. HotGrenade

    Strange Metallic Sound with Mawarine Shuu

    Firstly, I would like to say that I am a complete and utter noob to UTAU. I am moderately familiar with Vocaloid 4 Editor, so I do understand the basics of UTAU. (I have also switched my system locale to Japan, so everything is working fine) I've recently downloaded Mawarine Shuu's vb...
  20. Saboten

    Where can I get ust of "The season of repentance"?

    I don’t know if I posted this request in the right section, but I would like to ask where can I get ust of "The season of repentance" by syudou. There is original song: There is lyrics: There is...