help needed

  1. Litrex

    Failed to render wav file

    Hi, I've been having trouble rendering wav files of any kind with any resampler, even the default one. It's been fine since today, and its been driving me crazy. I hope someone has a solution to this. :(
  2. A

    Having trouble making Teto sing

    So I've posted this question on another account earlier, but didn't get any help, so I'm asking again cuz I reaally want to make Teto sing. I've been using UTAU for a while, never had a problem with making any voicebank sing, but Teto just won't work. I installed her just like it said on her...
  3. Dappernette

    Utau installer not working???

    I'm trying to install Utau (btw I'm using Windows 10), but instead of this popping up: This pops up instead: What's going on and how can I download Utau when this keeps on happening? I've checked some videos, but they don't say anything about this, so I'm really confused rn qwq
  4. Y

    UTAU doesn't sing some notes

    So I recently reinstalled UTAU because certain notes wouldn't play or would only make a low "breath" sound. Or play the wrong thing for example if I write "a そ" (a so) it sounds like "a し" (a si), but if I write "- そ" it sounds like it should. Idk if that makes sense, but it got super annoying...
  5. Litrex

    Help Finding Plugin

    Does anybody know if there is a copy-paste pitchbend plugin? I heard there was one by Higgins-P, but the website is hard to navigate. Is it still available?, or is there something else I can use?
  6. AnnYann

    UTAU spends A LOT of time loading wav files - help.

    Hi everyone. I am a beginner with UTAU covers, and right now I am facing a BIG inconvenience: Whenever I select some notes and press play, UTAU spends A LOT of time loading the files and playing them. I will try to explain a bit more. When I press play after selecting some notes, this screen...
  7. Silky_BoRamis

    Help me find this song!

    So! I'm new on the forum, I came here with one tiny reason, and it's to find this song I heard on youtube some years ago! It was a cover of "I love you I love you I love you" sung by Yokune Ruko on their male kire with whisper voice bank, thing is, the song got deteled from youtube or something...
  8. SuperBudsie

    English Version of OREMO text are text emojis?

    Hiya! So, I want to make a UTAU for my character Budsie, but my software has kinda freaked out. I don't really know how to explain this but I have the english version of Oremo and for some reason the hiragana and katakana have turned into symbols. Like %, #,@, etc etc. (Sam Howler is a...
  9. CrystalPeach

    Can someone fix my oto?

    I'm making my VCV UTAU via OREMO and SetParam and it sounds fine so far, but the oto is completely wrong... I'm not sure how to fix it to make it sound properly, so can someone help fix it for me? I can send over the oto and voicebank so you can see what the problem is, so please let me know if...
  10. D

    UTAU Suddenly not working. "Invalid Property Value"

    First I'd like to preface this by making clear that I am not a new UTAU user. Although this is my first post on this site, I've actually been using the software for years, and I am rather experienced with it. I bring that up because from what I can tell, this doesn't seem to be a very regular...
  11. Einekleine

    Only Defoko makes any sound

    Hello everyone. I’m trying to make my first cover ever. I have a UST already, but only Defoko seems to read it. I have tried a vcv voicebank and a regular cv as well and my locale was set to Japan before I installed the program.
  12. Axiomatic-Vertex

    Use Windows Terminal to render UTAU sequences (Half-guide)

    Hello you weirdos :V I've put together a little half-guide for using the new Windows Terminal for rendering UTAU sequences instead of using that ugly ol CMD prompt that you all hate (myself included) Now a big disclaimer: so far, you won't be able to play notes from within the UTAU editor, nor...
  13. Ivy!

    Name Doubles

    When it comes to naming an utau, most people want a name that's unique to them. Obviously naming doubles are going to happen, even if they should be avoided That being said, how would you feel if you saw another utau with the part of the same name as yours (same last name, for example)...
  14. Ciel

    Hi, I'm Still Confused. (No Voicebanks will sing)

    "I'm quite new to UTAU and I have no idea what I'm doing. As such, I cannot figure out why none of the voicebanks I download will sing. I've downloaded (and uninstalled/reinstalled) Mizune Kiaru and Olt (?). Both respond properly when I hit "sample", but once I start writing notes, they become...
  15. Ciel

    Hi, I'm Confused. (No voicebanks will sing)

    I'm quite new to UTAU and I have no idea what I'm doing. As such, I cannot figure out why none of the voicebanks I download will sing. I've downloaded (and uninstalled/reinstalled) Mizune Kiaru and Olt (?). Both respond properly when I hit "sample", but once I start writing notes, they become...
  16. AkariUTAU

    Help? I can't TYPE ANYTHING!

    Basically, I can't type in Japanese. I'm only able to type in English, or sometimes when I change the language and set back to Japanese I get a weird language that's supposed to be Arabic. But it's displayed as weird characters that I can't show because it's ONLY displayed like this in UTAU...
  17. UchuuRing

    My Generic Introduction

    Hi! My name is Keroro, also known as UchuuRingP. I've been using UTAU for a few months now, and have already posted a cover onto my Youtube channel (UchuuRingP) back in March. I'm currently in the creation of my first voicebank, Madoka Watanabe. I already recorded her voicebank, made her otos...
  18. GeneralNuisance

    All of my hiragana are showing up as "ス"? Can someone help?

    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. So, basically, when I'm looking at a premade hiragana UST or when I've converted any romaji to hiragana using iroiro2, it always shows up as "ス". Just to knock out the obvious questions, my locale was and is set to Japan during download...
  19. soleil

    UTAU "popping"/"breaking" for certain notes

    Hi guys, Sorry if someone has already asked this but I looked everywhere and I couldn't find anything that has a similar issue as I do! I'm a first time UTAU user and I tried to make a VCV bank, but for some of my notes I'm experiencing a weird breaking/popping noise. I'm not sure if this is...
  20. Bub78

    Art Utauloid Art Submissions Needed!

    Hello i am needing kawaii art for a voicebank i am making. The things i need on the art are below. Thank you. Ps also i will give you credit and put your name in the Vb info on Utau. Name: Sofuto Shindō / ソフト 振動 meaning Soft Vibration Gender: Male Type: English Cv Utauloid Race: White Age: 13...