1. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo White Rose 】Quiet Room【UTAU DEMO】

    I'm working so very hard on this new Bank in Iimo's Rose series! I have Like 1-2 more pitches to and then oto fixes, but it's coming along nicely! Credits: mel(FA9Official) and rev/kendy for the ust! Utau/mixing/small tuning edits: Yozane Utau: Yozane Iimo White rose About white rose: It is a...
  2. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo ROSE】My Goodbye

    SO TSUUN'S TUNING MIXED WITH MY LOVE OF MJQ AND THIS COVER JUST HAD TO HAPPEN. LITTLE NOTE THOUGH, I couldnt get the talking part to sound good no matter what I did so sorry about that! Credits: Song: My goodbye- MJQ Ust/tuning: Tsuun UTAU: Yozane iimo Rose vcv UTAU/MIX/HARMONIES: YOZANE ART: EKKO
  3. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo VCCV】Circles【UTAU ENGLISH】

    Hey!! Its been a while since I did a proper cover so here you go!!! Song: Kira FT GUMI English Ust/tuning: Makku Mix/tuning edits: Yozane UTAU: Yozane Iimo VCCV English 1.5 UPDATE
  4. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo VCCV】Last Of Me【UTAU ENGLISH】

    Hi Guys!! Its been a very busy month!! <3 Anyhow have this cover of last of me!! Credits: Song: Last of me By Circus-p UTAU: Yozane Iimo VCCV 1.5 UPDATE Mix: Yozane Art: Kuro Pv: TBA?
  5. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】Rolling Girl

    Hi all! I am actually proud of my Potato here! She do the scream and the sing! Credits: Song:WOWAKA FT Hatsune Miku Ust/tuning: @renjitakuma Scream ust: @kimchi UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Tripitch mix: @fuyushinju Art: Herzig
  6. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo VCCV】Circles【UTAU ENGLISH】

    I was gonna move this up an octave but, iimo sounded better in the lower one. ALSO SHE CAN'T FOOL!!! I TRIED SO HARD!!! HNGGGGG Credits: Song: Circles YusukeKira FT GUMI UST/tuning/base mix: Makku Ust edits and mixing: Yozane UTAU: Yozane Iimo English VCCV 1.5 UPDATE Art: Ekkoberry PV: Maybe?
  7. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】HOPE【Yozane Iimo】

    I have been dying to cover this song for ages!!! I hope it tuned out okay!! ◆Vocals ◆ Yozane Iimo CVVC JPN + CVVC JPN WHISPER ◆ust ◆ @konran-p ◆Mix ◆ @yozane ◆Original ◆ Yuyouppe ◆Yozane Iimo ◆ @Yozane ◆Art ◆ @hello_chainsaws
  8. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】ERROR【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】

    I don't have much to say, except I really like this song. Song: ERROR Niki FT Lily Ust: Zilliloid UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Tripitch Mix: Yozane Art: Pixie
  9. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Alone 【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I LOVE THIS SOONNNGGG!!! Big thanks to yin for converting this for me! Original by Alan Walker. VSQx by Seg2580 www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyEM_l6V4m0 Instrumental arrange by Benjamin Rannou Benjamin-rannou – Alan-walker-alone-official-instrumental-free-dl Converted to VCCV UST and tuned by...
  10. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】The Snow White Princess Is【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】

    IDK if I will ever give this bank out seeing as it's pretty rough, but I like the low tones she has now. Sorry if the mix is off, my headphones are dying. Credits: Song: Snow white princess is UST: Kream UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Mix: Yozane Art: Myst
  11. Yozane

    【UTAU DEMO 】Soleil【Yozane Iimo CVVC II 】

    HI GUYS !! WELL, I finally have all three pitches recorded! THIS OTO ISN'T Final. It is being worked on by the wonderful Honeypai! I am not used to Iimo having this deep voice (Not even that deep but its deep for meeeeee) I hope you guys like it! Credits: UST and Tuning: @k-o-w-a-r-e-t-a Mix...
  12. Yozane

    【UTAU RELEASE 】As You Are Here【Yozane Iimo Whisper CVVC】

    So, after an oto fix from @HoneyPai Iimo's CVVC Whisper is finally ready to be released!! I am excited to finally release her, and I hope you'll enjoy using her! Please share anything you use her in with me! I'd love to see it ******VB DOWNLOAD**** sta.sh/01ppdyztu4b0...
  13. Yozane

    【UTAU English】 How to pretend 【Yozane Iimo VCCV X SONATA】

    So my good friend @yin-yang-p-music made a cover of this song with Iimo and Sonata, and I asked them If I could take a shot of mixing it since I really wanted to learn how to the vocal effects used for the talking parts and some vocal glitching parts as well. This mix is very experimental, but I...
  14. PRISMkidd

    【UTAUかバ】Madame Merry-Go-Round 【ヨザネ イーモ】

    My very first legitimate UTAU cover. I wanted to make something for Iimo's birthday. I added in the extra harmonies, the ones that aren't part of the chorus. I thought that was pretty cool. Special thanks to @Yozane for teaching me everything I know about UTAU and FL Studio. LINKS: ■COVER...
  15. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】OVERDOSE【Yozane Iimo CVVC TRIP - Satoko Chouwane REIGN】

    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY GREY!!! I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. I really think Satoko and Iimo fit this song well together!! <3 ORIGINAL → Maru_haraheri – Over-dose-original CREDITS: ■ SONG: OVERDOSE ■ MUSIC & LYRICS: @maru_haraheri ■ ORIGINAL: 鏡音リン・レン | Kagamine Rin & Len ■...
  16. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Hopes And Dreams【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    THIS REMIX.....IS SOOOOO GOOD >.> And then there was a ust.....so....I had to! I really hope Iimo sounds okay hear....I try really hard to get her to sound the best I can! Credits: Song: Hopes and Dreams Original: Toby Fox Remix: Video game remixes FT Jenny Ust: @CerifUTAU Base VSQX...
  17. PRISMkidd

    [UTAU Cover] I Give Up [Yozane Iimo VCCV English]

    WARNING: This video contains mildly flashing colors and images. Please watch with caution. This should have been done a while ago, but I had so much trouble from the art to the video that it ended up taking me a month. It should have been done along with her English 1.5 update and even before...
  18. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Brutus【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    I really hope this is okay!! ^^ Credits: Song: Brutus Original by: Kanjo featuring Mimi Yorune UST: @moonst4r UTAU: Yozane Iimo VCCV EN Mix: Yozane VCCV reclist: @PaintedCz Art: @PRISMkidd
  19. PRISMkidd

    Yozane Iimo Official Design 2016 UPDATE

    @Yozane has been working really hard to update Iimo's existing voice banks and creating new ones so I decided to update her old art as well as make a buttload of new art for her too. Some notes about the art and design: I gave her a more dynamic pose to try and make the silhouette a little more...
  20. PRISMkidd

    Yozane Iimo Official Design 2016 Teaser

    A while back I realized that the coloration of Iimo's official art was off. Since I made that art I eventually came to color her with a different palette and shade her according to what I had learned while studying color theory. I also noticed a few colors and small details I wanted to change...