1. Mooncat

    Hi there from the UK

    Hi. I'm from the UK. My daughter introduced me to the concept of Vocaloids and got me into various Vocaloid artists. I've seen Hatsune Miku a few times in London and my favourite song is サイコグラム by DECO*27. I've been to Tokyo many times and love it, especially the Sega Stations. I'm a musician...
  2. P

    Best UTAUloid for a beginner?

    I currently won't be able to use japanese words. A good beginner (tuning wise) which will accept plain text? Example: these words here. Thanks i'm about to download the stinkin thing
  3. Rei-Chan

    Reicheru Nintone ULTIMATE is Here!

    Thank you all for your patience! The day is finally here! After trial and error many times over, Reicheru Nintone is finally released to the public! I am super excited to showcase how far she’s come, and I can only hope to continue on improving! It’s almost nine years of Reicheru being an...
  4. MuSHiE

    Critique Requested Miku - anamanaguchi demo - new Voicebank update!

    SO I am currently working on a new and updated version of my utauloid and I would like to hear what people have to say! would help a lot. currently also working on this ust with it in the process. I know the mixing is a bit off, but yeah haha.
  5. HanatheNeko

    Asking for some friends... -_-

    Hi, just looking some friends to talk about UTAU with! I'm usually really introverted, but now I feel like I can be myself on here without much judgement! So, if you wanna roleplay through a DM or something while i'm online, then go for it! I just want more friends, ya know? I usually use my...
  6. S

    UTAU isn't reading my samples?

    I don't know if it's because I named them in hiragana or what. My system locale is set to Japanese so that would be a really weird reason. When I double click them, they don't make any sound :(
  7. SyntheticToy

    The Current State Of Utau?

    I've been an Vocal Synthesizer artist and creator since 2012, I'm posting this thread to ask a few questions as I'm very outdated to my knowledge and would love to learn more to continue creating and even innovating some ideas I have planned. First of all I want to speak of voicebanks. I first...
  8. InochiPM

    UTAU Starter Pack -Overseas Edition-

    Hello everyone! Here's where im gonna post about the UTAU Starter Pack -OS- Edtion. In this book youll find an amalgamation of information collected from all across the UTAU OS community, as well as a few translated straight from the UTAUSP & UTAUPM books which this book is designed to be a...
  9. Underlapped

    Critique Requested 【Hitomi Akane】Crime & Punishment 【UTAU cover】

    Hey everybody! So I released this new cover a bit ago, but I figured I should share it now! I'm especially proud because I animated a video to go along with it!! It's with Hitomi's brand new voicebank as well! I took some peoples advice while recording this one so lets hope its better! Please...
  10. AnimeaSPrin

    Utau's needed! VCCV eng and CVVC spn. La Llorona!

    I'm doing a cover of La Llorona! So therefore, I need some banks. Here are the available parts! Please comment down what part(s) you want! With a link to ur VB and if you have any preferred rendering put that too. Gumi's parts ENG VCCV: Taken by CZLoid. Owned by: PaintedCz Link...
  11. Sheanna122

    Cadencii: the ultimate hell

    This is my cadencii journey. This is my hell. I first caught interest in Cadencii back in the early 2010s, when I encountered a video of Ritsu singing "Black Rock Shooter" I failed so many damn times to just get a voice to sing. There were no English tutorials but, I still tried. I failed...
  12. dionn1993

    Zannon Koitsu (custom Bank ) 2020 V1.1

    Info found here: http://utau.wiki/utau:zannon-koitsu
  13. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Release] Girls / Fashion (Ryuko Blair -VOGUE- v1.0)

  14. AnimeaSPrin

    Closed Mistake! Redoing post.

    Edit: It's CV not VCV. Sorryyyy~. Ok, so I'm doing a Plus Boy cover! UST is by Ekkoberry. And I need CV UTAU's! Soooooooo, claim parts below! Link ur UTAU. If for some reason rendering doesn't work, I'll require you to do it~. Len's part: Available!~ Looking a teenaged sounding CV male...
  15. HanatheNeko

    Open Can someone make a MMD Model for Hana?

    I want to make an MMD Model for Hana, but: -There aren't clothes that match her design. -Whenever I try to put on the clothes, the textures disappear and i can't add them back. (same w/ hair) -Nothing I do works. I've watched tutorials and everything, but nothing works, so can someone else make...
  16. Ako Sugawara

    SetParam Oto Help (Waveform not showing*)

    Heya y'all! So I am attempting to oto my newly recorded VCV voicebanks on SetParam and I am encountering some issues when otoing. In essence, the waveform is not showing on screen when I attempt to oto (I have enabled it but there is no waveform on the line). I have otoed VCV voicebanks before...
  17. MuddaAsian

    [UTAUカバー] Bless your Breath ブレス・ユア・ブレス ft. Yamine Renri Cover

    I've already posted about this cover, but that was a prototype version, this is the finalized version that is uploaded to Youtube. I hope you all enjoy this!