1. S

    Open Seeing feminine voicer

    Hello all! This is Dahlia of Studio Cyber Angel here. We are currently seeking out a feminine voicer for a cutesy sweet-as-sugar voicebank. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here or DM us on Discord @ SCA#7269.
  2. Hana-chan

    Hi! New here! Anyone want to use my Utau? :)

    Hi! I'm new here! I've been a fan of vocaloids and utau for about 7 years, but I'm pretty new to the utau community now and always dreamed of making my own utau and now my dream has come true! Only problem is I don't have utau :( (yet) so I can't make covers or songs with them. So far I have...
  3. CamCamera

    [UTAU] Hyperventilation Dance [KYE]

    SONG/LYRICS: Nashimoto Ui UST: willowispembers UTAU: KYE ART/MIX/TUNE: CamCameraP
  4. Litrex

    UTAU Errors

    Hi, so whenever I try to either switch a UST to VCV or use the p2p4 sampler or anything else, UTAU gives me the Overflow error. I've uninstalled it at least a few times and reset my computer, but nothing works? What am I doing wrong and how could I fix it?
  5. Max Sparklemelon

    Utau can't sing in hiragana and romaji.

    I tried reinstalling all voicebanks and UTAU with Japanese locale. But it seems utau only produces sounds when its only non-japanese text and it applies to both vcv and cv voicebanks.
  6. Mougeki Mero

    【UTAU Cover】 Nerve Impulse 【Kousaki Shotaro VCV】

  7. MuSHiE

    【UTAUカバー 】Jigsaw puzzle 【Orenju -CLEAR】

    I am starting to like this song a lot actually! at first I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't turn out well, but it grew on me a while, and now I really like it!!
  8. HanatheNeko

    Open Need Artist for 10 UTAU's

    My Recent Artist has resigned from the job and I need a new artist for all 10 of my UTAU's. You will need to be able to: - Draw Kemenomimis [NOT FURRIES] (Three of my UTAU's are Kemenomimis) - CUSL-02: MAXwell (Rabbit), Kizuku Moji (Kitsune), Kizuku Moja (Kitsune) - Draw Robotic Details (Two...
  9. Wendyii


    This time when i play a note, the string dosent move and none of the sound's come out on the program! Ive tried loading plugin's but nothing WORKED! When i play it, the error appears! Kiyoteru has gaven me a link for help.. (local sensei) And i tried doing some research but none of them...
  10. AkiCinnaBun

    My UTAU's design!

    I have a design ready for the UTAU I'm working on! Her name is Renai Momoka (恋愛ももか in kana) and she's gonna be a VCV bank. I've been messing around with Teto's VCV bank for a bit, and I think I have a pretty good understanding of how VCV works. I need to get a decent microphone because the one I...
  11. Wendyii

    The error i saw it happen the first time!!! NANI!?

    Please anyone help me, when i play all the notes the string to play the notes dosent move and none of the sounds dosent work in the program. And it makes a error, anyone help!? Ive tried some research for that soloution and none of them appeared!
  12. Kat+

    Any appends or resamples y'all recommend for Momone Momo

    Title is self exploratory. I searched and couldn't find anything on here or online so wanted to ask before I dived in. Also I wanted to ask how does mixing appends work? like the actual VB's like Passion, Cute, ETC. Might as well ask now that I'm here. I know there's probably other general...
  13. Ndō

    I made a utau server, everyone is welcomed

    https://discord.gg/FUQFZVtU I would like to interact more with the utau community, feel free to join!
  14. C

    I need help about viruses

    Guys here is something, all of my voicebanks are downloaded from the original pages, but my antivirus says about a virus named Trojan_Script_LD Can anyone help me?
  15. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Stardust Utopia【いひろ】

  16. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Circus Monster (JPN Version)【あけこ VCV】

  17. Koko


    Koko is a sweet gentle giant. Love the quite, winter, snow, rain, moon, stars, and the night. personality: very fragile girl, normally friendly towards everyone, but can be hurt very easily. She is very passive, doesn't know too much on how to stand up for herself. Koko is extremely in tuned...
  18. Rei Tan


  19. chiisai

    Open Looking for Deep femmine vp to record 4 pitches

    Looking for a voice provider, deep femmine voice, is okay with recording multiple pitches, however, i can do separate voicebanks if you don't want to do pitches, i'd like to record in VCV if that's alright! pic below is of the utau your voicing