1. AnimeaSPrin

    [UTAUカバー] Saiki Osen - Bacterial Contamination ~Ruko Power ♂️~

    Finished this cover a bit ago! Please check it out, and even give a like, follow, and repost~. Also, feel free to listen to my other works on: Enjoy!!!
  2. soleil

    UTAU "popping"/"breaking" for certain notes

    Hi guys, Sorry if someone has already asked this but I looked everywhere and I couldn't find anything that has a similar issue as I do! I'm a first time UTAU user and I tried to make a VCV bank, but for some of my notes I'm experiencing a weird breaking/popping noise. I'm not sure if this is...
  3. Phoebe


    Phoebe is a young american college student who is secretly a magical girl. Her magic uses the power of music to instill hope in humanity and she fights monsters looking to destroy that. Her magical companion is an ethereal rabbit named Spice. She is headstrong and often jumps into situations...
  4. MiKO


    Hi there, I posted the original question in the wrong forum-section, oof... Let's try that again then. I'm fairly new to VCV voice banks, and I dipped my toes in the recording method for a few weeks now, I have recorded a list, which has been oto-edited separately by two people (myself and a...
  5. MiKO

    VCV Confusion

    Hi there, New member here, and semi-new to VCV. To start off, I have created a number of CV voice banks in the past, and my own UTAU celebrates her 4th birthday pretty soon. But as expected, I wanted to try some new recording techniques, and I have always been interested in how a VCV voice...
  6. Neptune


    Neptune (Adrian Adolfo) is a college student in Montreal who was recruited into Planetary Motion alongside his twin brother Uranus after being found by Sun at a concert in Ottawa. He and his brother transferred to a college in the UK to take part in the group. Neptune is voiced by...
  7. S

    UTAU isn't reading my samples?

    I don't know if it's because I named them in hiragana or what. My system locale is set to Japanese so that would be a really weird reason. When I double click them, they don't make any sound :(
  8. Margaret White/project Furaingushain

    Margaret White/project Furaingushain

    Character Story: Margaret was a young girl that dreamed to be a jazz singer, and to be the person that knows most languages possible. But unfortunately, she died young at 19. 86 years later a Japanese scientist found her body and tried to revive her. He had to replace a lot of her parts with...
  9. kris

    Tiny Little Adiantum (omae wa mou) ft. Anna Nyui

  10. NegaiUta

    Akriel VCV - Merry Christmas, My Hero

    @Akriel , have a merry Christmas Eve! I was your Secret Santa, and here's a cover for you. Akriel is a great voicebank and I loved using him. the art is by frostrated, and the base ust is by CerifUTAU. tuning, mixing, and video editing is by me.
  11. Kitcat190

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】ホワイトハッピー【AL!CE.16 SIRIUS】The bank that never was lol, also Ft. NITTON

    Remember when I used to do UTAU? lol Who wants this bank? Ust: Akemiyuyu – Utau-white-happy-rawust-dl Also I uploaded one with just the vocals:
  12. Nobu Hisakawa

    Nobu Hisakawa

    Name: Nobu Hisakawa Height: 160cm without his shoes on, 164cm with his shoes on Age: 18 Nobu is very shy. He rarely interacts with anyone and doesn't express his feelings. He actively tries to push away anyone trying to be his friend. His face is always very unexpressive. He likes hiding in the...
  13. Venus


    Venus (Luca Bellomo) is the son of a family of Italian immigrants. He grew up in Maine, but moved to New York with dreams of becoming a famous singer and songwriter. A few months later found him being evicted from his apartment. His agent, though, mentioned him to Jupiter, who sought him out and...
  14. Aux

    Open UTAU Voice Provider Needed!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to provide a voice for an UTAU for me. The UTAU in question is nonbinary so I'm looking for more in the high tenor/alto range. I have someone working on the art and I can do the oto, all I need is the voice files for a VCV voice bank. Please let me know if you're...
  15. |itre|0id

    I have a question

    Is it possible to convert a cvvc english ust to a vcv japanese one? I'm trying to do a cover of BIOHAZARD by Studio VOXYZ. If not, is it possible to convert it to engrish for japanese voicebanks?
  16. Dorian.


    Ruthlessly merciful. Very quiet, rather childish. Wants more than anything to win back a place in heaven.
  17. Orenju


    Orenju -Clear is out now! You can download the newest by clicking "download" Orenju -Clear has a soft version built in, in order to use it, simply add this "弱" symbol at the end of the note! It is made two pitches for this version so it's a plug and play! Examples: ENGLISH VCCV (DEMO)
  18. Tashiro Yui

    Tashiro Yui

    Tashiro Yui is an utau created and voiced by me, Cherry! ^^ At the moment, she's only a monopitch japanese voicebank... But she's growing!! (I hope lol...) CURRENT SAMPLE: Her design is heavily based on the "old vocaloid" aesthetic lol... Sorry if that's not your thing, I just really enjoy...
  19. Zipperteeth

    Open Need VCV utaus that will sound good with my utau!

    Im going to make them sing 1, 2 fanclub together! my utau is Lumina Silaeta if you want to listen to her here you go :) i love you all <3