windows 10

  1. Ranshka

    UTAU won't work even with all required settings

    Hey so I got a problem and I can't find any way to solve it. So I got my new laptop and it use Windows 10, my last laptop too but I never add this problem with it. When I load my VB the path is write as wrong and same thing for the ust but if I load both of them from my extern disk it seems to...
  2. Wendyii


    This time when i play a note, the string dosent move and none of the sound's come out on the program! Ive tried loading plugin's but nothing WORKED! When i play it, the error appears! Kiyoteru has gaven me a link for help.. (local sensei) And i tried doing some research but none of them...
  3. Wendyii

    The error i saw it happen the first time!!! NANI!?

    Please anyone help me, when i play all the notes the string to play the notes dosent move and none of the sounds dosent work in the program. And it makes a error, anyone help!? Ive tried some research for that soloution and none of them appeared!
  4. DrewTerra12

    UTAU won't install on Windows 10 & gets stuck with a Window's installer saying "Preparing to Install

    I recently, downloaded Utau 0.418e which was the latest version of UTAUloid. I watched multiple online tutorials and followed every steps such as switching Microsoft IME to Japanese to not installing it on a Programfiles x86 folder. I also tried running it with "as administrator" & downloading...
  5. KaitoShiondaBest

    Plz Help! I can't get Matsuppoiyo to sing!

    Hi! I'm new to the Utau program, so I don't know how to fix things. I've searched the internet, but to no avail. The program works, and I can get Teto and Rook to sing, but when I try to get Matsuppoiyo to sing (I've even used UST made for him), the windows command prompt window sometimes shows...
  6. Dappernette

    Utau installer not working???

    I'm trying to install Utau (btw I'm using Windows 10), but instead of this popping up: This pops up instead: What's going on and how can I download Utau when this keeps on happening? I've checked some videos, but they don't say anything about this, so I'm really confused rn qwq
  7. Dionysus Frost

    Windows 10, with Japanese locale still shows up as "?"

    I've fully set up my computers locale to Japanese, and enabled it as a second language. However whenever I try to copy an paste hiragana into the UTAU software it shows up as "?". More so over other people's USTS show up fine and work properly but it still won't let me make my own. I read on the...
  8. chippy

    help? first time downloading

    so uhh i'm quite new and i'm using windows 10. i need help. i changed the region and a lot of things necessary but whenever i try to install it, it says " preparing install " but it takes ages. please tell me if i'm doing anyhing wrong. thank you for your help
  9. justsomenerd

    Moresampler (and general rendering) problems

    So I recently had to upgrade to windows 10 due to having to replace my hard-drive, so now I had to reinstall everything. UTAU mostly works (it gave me some troubles with sound playback but I managed to fix that one, more on that later), however I can't use moresampler. I tried different samplers...