Cadencii: the ultimate hell


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This is my cadencii journey. This is my hell.

I first caught interest in Cadencii back in the early 2010s, when I encountered a video of Ritsu singing "Black Rock Shooter"

I failed so many damn times to just get a voice to sing. There were no English tutorials but, I still tried. I failed and I failed. But for some stupid, mystical, nightmarish, reason I decided I would put it away and try again, and again. Always to fail.

Step one in my quest: ****ing make it work.

That's what I did today, I finally got Nagone Mako to sing! Granted, I did not have the patients to work on this "cover" any further. No tuning, nothing. Mainly because while I could UTAU's pitch plugin working, it would displace the pitch by 60ms. No idea why.

But here's my process so far for those interested.


One would say that's not an issue but, it is. Cadencii is the most stubborn vocal synth in the world. VSQx? Maybe it'll load it. UST? Good ****ing luck. Midi? You're as ****ed as a UST. So, if for some reason you found a UST/VSQ that worked, you passed step one. Time for more frustrating shit.

Step 2: Getting a voice bank to work.

Requirements: Must be VCV, no CVVC or CV. Must have a consistent oto a.k.a. Preutter: 300, overlap: 100 for every sample. Iroiro2, if you don't have this plug in, it will be more frustrating to work with Cadencii. Decent quality recording wise, if it's not you'll have weird glitches.

How to:

First open Cadencii and go to settings>preference


Then go to UTAU singers> add> find UTAU


Step3: Load that magical VSQx

Step4: Setting up the singing.

First, go to the bottom tab, right click it and choose V.Connectstand, and your singer.


It should look like this.


Step 5: Now, converting your VSQx to japanese VCV


Go to script>Install UTAU plugin



Add Iroiro V2

Do ctrl+a and then go back to script, select Iroiro2


Convert the lyrics over to hiragana


Then use CV-> to VCV

For multipitches, you want to then go to default lyrics and apply the prefix map.



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The apply the prefix map that the VB has.


OK then apply! (Do not worry about the red, Iroiro will still apply the changes!)

Now that we have the VCV setup, we need to make sure that the parameters are correct. The reason we make sure they are correct is because cadencii has UTAU values all set to 0.

Ctrl+A >go to lyrics> Apply UTAU parameters.

Yay! Now your UTAU can sing! If V.connect likes your UTAU.
[doublepost=1579768473][/doublepost]That's all that I've learned so far! I'll keep you guys posted. Whatever discoveries about making tuning as efficient as possible will be brought up!
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I just came here to commend you on actually getting Cadencii to work. I remember playing around months ago and could never figure it out. Now if only there was away to figure out why it accepts certain VSQx's or USTs but not others, lol.
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bro Cadencii is such an unstable mess for me

I could not use it properly with UTAU voicebanks at all and the way it exports USTs is crappy, like it doesn't automatically add rests to the sequence, so when you import it into UTAU, the last note goes on forever until the next note hits, which is fixable, but it's an unnecessary pain

And as RoboCheatsyTM said, it doesn't like certain USTs or VSQs either (from my experience it doesn't accept anything at all lol)
and I don't know if it's just me but it also crashes a lot too

I make USTs by drafting them in Synth V, then exporting from there and importing into UTAU where I work on the rest of the sequence (add pitch bends, convert to kana etc.). Such a shame there's no decent UTAU frontend (UTSU is okay, but since it's in active development it's still a bit buggy for me) that lets you create sequences with ease and no pain and suffering


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UTSU has been picked up by MoonCat, they're working on some issues that were pretty prevalent in UTSU (bad timing issues and the UI.)

Also, for the VSQs, it must be converted to V2 or V1. UTAU USTs are not cadencii friendly.
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All the power to you my friend. I just downloaded it and put in a few voicebanks...

didn't work at all.. But since you said it HAS to be VCV, no CVVC or CV, does that mean no VCCV? I was trying to follow the manual and it told me to go to go to UTAU Singers, clikc "add" and add the desired UTAU's oto but the oto never shows up. So just click the folder you wanna use?? Lukcy for me I have both IROIRO versions thanks to a friend lol

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