Hello everyone, i am looking for help on this little project of mine


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So i need some help regarding the mysteries and stories created by the UTAU community, i am going to need some help in forming this UTAU iceberg. In order to do that i suggest or wish to brainstorm with the people of this forum...

I suggest for topics that are either well known or obscure pieces of information that has to do with UTAU

E.G: We have no idea that there actually are more deep pieces of information the UTAU rabbit hole has to begin with...

You probably know the gist... Thank you for taking the time to read this...


p.s This will be the template that i will be working on...


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A somewhat obscure thing is the hidden graf in the program accsessed by a different combination of pressing arrows. The graf had a pentagon shape with blue backround and white lines. There were letters on the different corners, two of them were "H". The graph changed values from voicebank to voicebank, suggesting it has something to do with the properties of the voicebank.
I dont think anyone figured out what the different corners meant. I can't seem to find a picture of it nor the code anymore, then again it is old and I might just not be using the right wording when searching.
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