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Resource Korean Reclist + Pronunciation Guide

수연 <Suyeon>

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수연 <Suyeon> submitted a new resource:

Korean Reclist + Pronunciation Guide - Essentials for Korean (as well as optional extras)

I've been slowly (emphasis on slow) working on my next bank which will be multi-pitch, multi-append Korean and decided to share the fruits of my labor with the community - the reclist. Hopefully anyone who uses this finds it to be comprehensive, useful, and a good update to Syo's list from 2012.

What's included
- All sounds necessary for modern Korean (standard Seoul dialect)
- Optional English that was included (or missing) from SeeU's intended English recordings (will not...

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Momo's Minion
Thanks for the reclist and the guide, it definitely saved me some time for the pronunciation, I'm really looking forward to the final version of the voicebank using this!


Momo's Minion
for the ones like "da_tata", etc.

is it fine if one would record that like "da_tat" and stuff like that?

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