Moresampler is suddenly acting weird


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Hi!!! I'm kinda new in this platform so...Idk if im doing this correctly XD.
Just today, moresampler has started to go REALLY, i mean REALLY slow. Like, loading 2 notes in 10 seconds and then, it passes 10 seconds to start rendering 2 more (these 2 notes being already passed through it)
idk what to do and this bothers me a lot :sad:. Help pls.


Momo's Minion
I've been using moresampler for a while and I have never got this problem maybe you should try reinstalling it


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What version of moresampler is it? And are all your llsm files generated?
Can you please screencap and show me your cache config (Tools(T) > Option(O) > Cache Config) and rendering options (Tools(T) > Option(O) > Rendering)?
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