What is the most obscure fact about your utau?


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Its not really an obscure fact, but more of a small theory of headcanon (haha, I even have headcanons for my own character! Is that weird?)!

So clearly bright yellow and orange gloves, boots and a dress isnt what people would wear in their everyday lives... so what if Ami is just playing dress-up 24/7? :9
I want people portraying my UTAUloid however they'd like

Ivu randomly writes/types her name as both Eve and Ivu. Like, one minute she'll refer to herself as "Eve" and the next minute "Ivu." (I also do this. If you look at other posts of me talking about her, you'll see what name I call her by varies.) There's no specific situation in which she types one name and not the other. She just types whichever name comes to mind first


Teto's Territory
Hana-chan is attracted to tornadoes and obsessed with them (Hence why she is married to Gustav)
She is autistic
She is vegan
She is left-handed
She has tomophobia
She looks and acts like a kid but is actually, technically an adult
She loves balloons

I'll think of more later
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Gustav's favourite food is pine trees
He got his kawaii face from sucking up some magic potions
His strength is usually EF0 but if reallly mad he could produce EF3 level damage
He loves to have showers! And wide open places like fields
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Kawashima Junnosuke's headphones are attached to his ears (he can control how much sound they block), He always hat a tomato in his pocket, and he ages 1 million times slower so he is 19 million years old
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