Songwriting Resources

DAWs, instruments, effects, oh my!

  1. Kiyoteru
    Section 1 - Recommendations

    Windows: Zynewave Podium Free
    This DAW is quite basic, but it definitely gets the job done. Simple and straightforward. It comes with almost nothing, but following the link on the website, you can find many free VSTs for your instrument and effect needs. There's also the list here!
    You can easily use this for mixing covers, making midis for USTs, and writing original songs. The free version also comes with permission to sell any of the songs you write with it.

    Mac: Garageband
    This comes preinstalled on all Macs, so if you're a Mac user, you're already familiar with this music making app! It's possible to install your own AU plugins to use within Garageband, so you're not limited to what's made available to you.

    Linux: LMMS
    I've never used Linux myself, but LMMS is quite a lovely DAW on other platforms. It comes with many instruments of its own and is very similar to FL studio, as well as being used by many people in the UTAU community already.


    Section 2 - All resources

    Actually Free
    GarageBand (Comes with OSX)

    Free Versions
    Studio One Prime
    Tracktion T5
    Ohm Studio

    Extremely Cheap
    Ardour ($1)

    Now we're getting into commercial DAWs. Read about editions and features carefully before making a purchase.

    Less than $100

    Reason Essentials

    FL Studio
    Logic Pro

    You might as well be a professional
    Pro Tools
    Ableton Live