8 mora Japanese CVVC reclist Ultimate+

Single Reclist oto.ini OREMO Recording Package 8 mora Japanese CVVC reclist Ultimate+ 20240413

8 mora Japanese CVVC Ultimate+

GuideBGM compatible (OneNoteJazz 110BPM recommended)
86 lines

Contains oto.ini, presamp.ini and mkototemp.ini for oto generation.
Also comes with .dvtb template and full .dvcfg!
You can batch replace C4 with whatever pitch you want in Notepad++ for the .dvcfg file.

mkototemp.ini is for oto generation, you can get it here:

Note: _ means a rest. So for example the _CV_CV_CV lines are for -CVs.
You record them as kaaaa___keeee___koooo


- glottal stops [a ・][・ あ]
' - vocal fry [- 'あ][a 'あ]
3ら - english rhotic r consonant [- 3ら][a 3][3ら]
xら - trilled r consonant [- xら][a x][xら]
lら - l consonant [- lら][a l][lら]
sh か - unvoiced s/sh. In the ust these will be used like [a sh][sh か]
ああhh - sustained vowel > rest > vowel > end breath (you can also look inside the How to Record folder for example wavs)
- n (vowels and for consonants s, sh, h, hy, f, y, w)
んng - n allophone (for consonants k, g)
んn - n allophone (for consonants z, j, t, ch, ts, d, dz, n, r)
んm - n allophone (for consonants b, p, m)

Terms of Use​

Please do not use the example voice audio files for anything but reference purposes.
Credit is appreciated but not necessary.
Redistribution as-is is forbidden, but you're free to distribute edits of this recording list.
If you are unsure or have any other inquiries, please contact me on my email address: idoltrash.utau☆gmail.com (☆ → @)
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