1. P

    i need a reclist of oremo

    so basicly im making a english vccv voice bank and i do not have a reclist if you could seend one to me i would appreciate it a lot thanks in advance by the way
  2. Seadust

    Making a ENG reclist for deepvocal?

    Hello! I desire to make a CVVC English reclist for Deepvocal! I took a lot of the phonemes from Arpasing and changed certain ones to look simpler, Possibly ? Anyway, what way should I approach making a list like this? Here's the Phonemes btw! (a lot taken from Arpasing so most credits to...
  3. AlsonotPrism

    Kikyuune Aiko ACT3 CV JPN + EN's reclist

    Does anyone have Kikyuune Aiko's ACT3 CV JP + EN reclist? I really want *to make* a cv voicebank that has some english CV characters!!
  4. feelingiconiic

    Best Korean Voicebank Reclist?

    Hi there! So I'm planning on experimenting with Korean in UTAU for my Cirro音 voicebank, and what I'm asking is what's the best Korean reclist out there? More specifically, what reclist is primarily used in the Korean UTAU community? Are there any tutorials as well?
  5. FelineWasteland

    Single Reclist oto.ini Salem's Japanese Reclists + Base OTOs

    Make sure to encode any kana files in Shift-JIS so that UTAU and OREMO can read them properly! Not all reclists have base otos yet, sorry. I'll make ones for all of them eventually. For more frequent updates, check this document in the Drive folder. Terms of Use Sharing the official download...
  6. GeneralNuisance

    French Reclists: CVVC vs VCCV vs VCV-VC

    I just want to hear from some people familiar with French reclists give me their opinions on the merits of Gros Mot vs Petit Mot vs VCCV French in terms of UST availability, ease of use when making USTs, etc. I have a pretty good understanding of otos and I have been speaking French for nearly...
  7. Markko

    Single Reclist Nao Reclist

    This body will explain the pronunciation and give you the parts of the reclist.
  8. Markko

    Single Reclist Albanian CV Reclist 2020-10-26

    This reclist has 246 recordings. Pronunciation: a = the first vowel in the diphthong represented by i in the word "light" /a/ c = ts like in "mats" /t͡s/ ch = the ch in "chocolate" /t͡ʃ/ dh = the th in "this" /ð/ e = the first vowel in the diphthong represented by a in the word "late", or the e...
  9. CJ_ACT_!

    Single Reclist Korean CVVC Reclist

    ⋅half baked/decent ⋅doesn't have the syllables for korean's semivowel syllables [봐, 뒈] ⋅feel free to edit (like i said half baked/decent) ⋅50 lines+ This is meant to replace RonnieUniverse's KR CVVC Reclist since the link's dead Google Docs...

    Need help finding a 3 or 4-mora VCV Japanese reclist

    Just as the title says, I'm sure one is out there but I haven't been able to get my hands on one yet. I know some voicebanks are recorded in 3-mora (i.e Yokune Ruko's male whisper bank) but I can't seem to find a reclist anywhere. All help is appreciated ^^ >I've tried using the reclist...
  11. Uncommon-Aura

    Looking For A Chart Of All Phonemes/Combinations In Arpasing?

    A really long time ago, I found this chart of all the phonemes/phoneme combinations currently included in Arpasing. I'm trying to find it again, but can't seem to. Does anyone have it, or just a list of everything included in Arpasing? I'm making an add-on for it from my own reclist, but I have...
  12. Uncommon-Aura

    DeepVocal - Is Arpasing Possible?

    I've been looking into using DeepVocal lately, either to make a new character entirely, or to port my current voicebanks. The official voicebank making tutorial says that all DeepVocal voicebanks must be CVVX, which is basically CVVC. And I've heard Arpasing be referred to as a type of CVVC...
  13. Edgeberry

    Romaji Japanese CVVC Reclist?

    There's a 5-Mora CVVC reclist by Delta but I cannot record effectively due to my limited knowledge of Hiragana (surprising considering I've been in the UTAU community for 6+ years). Does anyone have a translated version of it readily available? There's a 2-Mora but I'm used to recording 5-Mora...
  14. London Kei UATU

    Omake Reclist?

    Hey guys, I want to make an omake folder for a couple of voicebanks. I know what kind of stuff to put in, but I was wondering if anyone had/could make an actual reclist that I can put into oremo? (I know I technically don't *need* a reclist, but it would be nice to have one lol)
  15. U

    Single Reclist Japanese VCV by UnclePeter / VCV japonés por UnclePeter 1.0

    [ENGLISH / SPANISH] - [INGLÉS / ESPAÑOL] [ENGLISH / INGLÉS] Hi everyone! I share my UTAU reclist for those who may be interested. It's not compatible with DeepVocal (I started to create this list before knowing about its existence), but it could be useful for someone. The document includes...
  16. N.Zo

    How To: Record Korean Voice Libraries

    Have you wanted to record a Korean voicebank for your UTAU but couldn't find a reclist? Or maybe you found a reclist but you weren't sure how to record the consonants and vowels. Well, this resource will compile most resources needed to record a fully functional Korean voicebank! RECORDING AND...
  17. marshmink

    Single Reclist VOCALOID Sampa CVVC English Reclist! (WIP) 2.1

    Hi! I made a reclist out of the phonemes used for English Vocaloids/Engloids. This is still a work in progress, but if you want to try it out, go ahead! Can't promise any absolute results though. I used kávézó's reclist generator to make this. I don't know any proper recording techniques for...
  18. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    What are the most complete and intuitive Reclists that you would recommend ?

    Hi, I'm Pikachuk, I'm currently working on the voicebank creation and management software and this is why I'd need some suggestions from the community. I am currently searching the most complete and intuitive reclists that could be used as the standard system for the software. The most...
  19. Shirayuna

    difference between hiragana and romaji reclist?

    Does it make a difference if I use a hiragana vcv reclist instead of a romaji vcv reclist (with hiragana alias)? I have always recorded my "tests-voicebanks" with a romaji vcv reclist, because I still can not read all signs from hiragana.
  20. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested Mic and reclist test {Kanade(One-Week Friends ED)}

    How does that sound to you?