ARPAsing Reclist Directory

OREMO Recording Package ARPAsing Reclist Directory

Set up as an OREMO reclist with comments and index.csv
Versions of the official arpasing reclists (and 6 syllable edit) that use phonetic filenames instead of numerical filenames and an index. Same compatibility with Moresampler's OTOer.
Modified version of Yuki's list with near-complete diphone coverage and multiple vowel allophones, and a [dx] extension list
Should be easier to use now
Extension of the default Arpasing list for the [dx] phoneme
"An efficient 254 sample reclist based on KLAD's custom list. This contains almost all possible transitions between sounds supported by arpasing."
The OREMO comment now includes the phonemes again, since many users were needing to refer to the document and couldn't rely on the words alone.
A similar update for the 6 syllable edit will be coming soon.